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ATS Diesel 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit

ATS Diesel 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit

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1994-1998 Dodge Cummins 5.9L
Low Price: $1,591.52

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ATS Diesel 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit

Brand: ATS Diesel
Part#: 2029302164
Application: 1994-1998 Dodge Cummins 5.9L
Includes: : Aurora 3000 with Ported Compressor Housing , Posder-Coated Compressor and Exhaust Housings , Machined Discharge Adapter for an HX-40 Downpipe , HX-40 Downpipe , New Oil Feed Line and Fitting , Turbo to Manifold T3 Gasket
Weight: 30 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year, 500,000 Mile Limited Warranty - Please Note: ATS Does Not Cover Broken Shafts
Features:• Exceptional EGT Control
• Quicker Spool-Up
• Reduced Lag
• Efficient Torque Curve
• Perfect for both Towing and Daily Driving
• Increased MPG
• Safe for Stock Motor and Components
• Decrease in Stress on the Motor Due to Better Combustion
• Designed to Fit Stock or Aftermarket T3 Manifolds
• Reduces Turbo "Bark" Due to Ported Compressor Housing Design
• Great All-Around Performance Gains
Manufacturer Info: Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit, 94-98 Dodge Part # 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo Kit, Fits 12-Valve Dodge, 1994-98 Complete with all hardware and hx downpipe and flange. The ATS Aurora 3000 turbo is designed for trucks that tow, daily drive and have minor injection pump modifications (governor spring kit, modified fuel plate, etc). The turbo can support power levels from stock to 500 rwhp while providing quick spool, EGT control and increased power across the RPM band. Designed for 1994-1998 Cummins 12V motors, the kit includes: ATS Aurora 3000 with ported compressor housing Powder-coated compressor and exhaust housings Machined discharge adapter for an HX-40 downpipe HX-40 4� downpipe included New oil feed line and fitting Turbo to manifold T3 gasket The Aurora 3000 uses a T3 turbine housing flange, which allows it to fit a stock or aftermarket T3 manifold. The existing air intake tube and filter can be re-used with the Aurora 3000. ATS turbos come with a 3 year / 150,000 mile warranty. Please contact ATS to learn more about the Aurora 3000! The turbo charger is driven by heat from the expanding gasses that exit the engine's Exhaust Manifold which accelerats the turbine causing it to spin the compressor wheel. The compressor, which is nothing more than an air pump, creates boost which pressurizes the intake of the engine. The turbine in the turbo charger can spin at speeds in excess of 130,000 rpm! The increased airflow to the engine aids with the efficiency of the burn cycle and the end result is increased power output with lower exhaust gas temperatures. Understanding this you may say, why not increase the amount of fuel injected into the engine? If more fuel creates exhaust heat, which drives the compressor then more fuel will produce more boost increasing airflow making the engine more efficient and cooler, why stop? This is the area that can get a little complicated. The typical boost provided by a turbo charger is 18-25 psi. SInce normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi at sea level, you can see that you are increasing the available air to the engine by more than 100 percent. That being the case, you would expect to at least double the power produced by the engine. That's not too far off. If you remove the turbo charger from your diesel engine, you will see the effect that it will have. You will loose almost all of the power the vehicle is capable of delivering. It's not uncommon for a naturally aspirated (non turbo charged) diesel engine to product a mere 120-130 horsepower. The turbo charger is a variable airflow system. As exhaust pressure is increased through the turbine side (Exhaust side) of the turbo charger, the backpressure increases along with it. As the backpressure in the exhaust manifold increases, air compresses causing heat. This backpressure keeps the exhaust trapped in the combustion chamber; the fresh cool air cannot be fed into the combustion chamber and so on. To make things worse, the intake and exhaust systems on these vehicles are usually very restrictive as well. There are a few external items that help with this condition. A few examples would be a larger exhaust or air filtration systems. The Turbo charger is feeding the intake side of the engine and the turbine section of the turbo charger is being fed (choked) by the exhaust side of the engine. The engines ability to make power is governed by the turbo chargers ability to move air. With stringent emission regulations small turbo chargers are selected for production Diesel applications. This is the primary reason behind the manufactures choice of factory turbo charger selection. Due to the small nature of the factory turbo the engine does not have the ability to flow much more air to produce increased power output.

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