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ATS Diesel 3029554248 Five Star Torque Converter

ATS Diesel 3029554248 Five Star Torque Converter

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2001+ GM Duramax 6.6L
Low Price: $1,600.75

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Shipping [ $39.95 ]

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ATS Diesel 3029554248 Five Star Torque Converter

Brand: ATS Diesel
Part#: 3029554248
Application: 2001+ GM Duramax 6.6L
Includes: : Torque Converter , Mounting Hardware
Weight: 89 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year, 500,000 Mile Limited Warranty - Please Note: ATS Does Not Cover Broken Shafts
Features:• Great for Racing and Competitive Events
• Product Made in America
• Pantented Viskus Clutch Drive System
• Billet Cover with Patented Square Flank Drive
• Increased Oil Flow
• Decreased Transmission Temperatures
• Improved Vehicle Response
• Improved Towing and Driving Ability
• Increased Efficiency
• Increased Reliability
• Supports Increased Torque Loads
• No Slip Design
• 300m Billet Steel Cover
• Custom Stator with High Flow Windows
• Redesigned Spring Dampener
• Viskus Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates
• Square Tab Construction (Not Round) Clutch Plates
• 5 Clutch Plates
• Runs on Bearings that Wont Wear Out Like Stock Parts
• Plasma Welded for Unsurpassed Strength
• Fully Welded Turbine and Impreller Vanes
• Hardened Turbine Splines
• Unique Bonding Technology to Ensure 100% Chemical Bond (ATS Exclusive Clutch Formulation)
• Optimized Factory Stall Speed (High Stall)
Manufacturer Info: Available for offroad/racing use is the ATS High Stall Five Star Torque Converter. This torque converter is built for racing applications featuring aftermarket turbo(s), injectors, fuel system, etc. Key features of the ATS Five Star Torque Converter include: Patented Viskus clutch drive system for increased efficiency Billet Cover with Patented square Flank Drive Square Tab Construction (Not Round) Viskus Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates Billet Piston with Patented flank drive tab design Proprietary ATS exclusive Clutch Formulation with unique bonding technology (ensures 100% chemical Bond) Redesigned Spring Dampener supports increased extend torque loads 4340 Harden turbine splines provide longevity due to engine torsional stress Fully Welded Turbine and Impeller Vanes CNC Stator with High Flow Windows Increase Oil Flow providing increase efficiency Full Roller Bearing Construction Between High Load Areas 4340 CNC cut Pump Drive Hub lock into Impeller Housing and Plasma welded for unsurpassed strength The ATS Five Star can be built up to a 2500 RPM stall. Based on the turbo setup and specific use, this stall speed can help spool bigger turbos and increase off the line performance. The ATS Five Star boasts 2.4:1 torque multiplication for maximum torque – at the right rpm. Contact ATS to learn more about choosing the right stall speed for your application. Every Five Star comes standard with a 5 year / 500,000 mile warranty. When the most efficient torque converter is required, look no further than ATS’ Five Star Torque Converter. How The Five Star Works - Five Star Torque Converter The ATS Five Star Torque Converter utilizes patent-pending converter technology. Through years of experience and research ATS has created the ultimate torque converter for diesel trucks. Not only did we design the Five Star, but we also build it instead of fixing or rebuilding old converters. The following will help you understand the advantages of the Five Star for your towing, racing, or daily driving needs. The fluid coupling portion of the converter is redesigned to be more effecient, the stall speed is better matched to the engine's torque curve and the torque multiplication is increased. This is achieved by another ATS first, the innovative Mixed-Flow stator. By properly directing the fluid from the turbine into the impeller of the converter, optimal stall speed and extreme torque multiplication is achieved. The innovation of the Five Star Viskus Clutch Drive has made this condition a concern of the past. The innovative Viskus Clutch Drive does it's part in transferring additional power around the fluid coupling of the impeller, stator and turbine. The other way to reduce the heat generated by the converter is to engage the lockup clutch. When the lockup clutch is engaged the torque converter will not generate any more heat, and there is a 100% mechanical power transfer through the converter (1:1 transfer). If the factory converter clutch is engaged with a turned up engine or engaged during high torque situations when pulling heavy loads there can be, and usually are catastrophic results. The single disc lockup that is present in the factory converter and most after market converters is only capable of around 550 to 600 pounts of foot torque. Most stock diesels produce torque near that with out any performance modifications. Now that we understand the two different modes of the torque converter we can see what we have to work with (excessive heat and shearing of the transmission fluid and/or a slipping converter clutch.

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