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ATS Diesel 7018004248 Twin Fueler Pump Kit

ATS Diesel 7018004248 Twin Fueler Pump Kit

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2001-2004 GM Duramax 6.6L
Low Price: $1,399.36

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ATS Diesel 7018004248 Twin Fueler Pump Kit

Brand: ATS Diesel
Part#: 7018004248
Application: 2001-2004 GM Duramax 6.6L
Includes: : Twin CP3 Pulley , Twin CP3 Radiator Hose , Bracket, Radiator Hose Support , Bracket, 2003-2004 Pump Support , Backside Idler Pulley , 2 1/8 Polypropylene Clamp , 8-Rib Serpentine Belt , High Pressure Steel Fuel Line , Relocating Bracket, TPS (APPS) , Steel Braided Supply Line , Steel Braided Return Line , Bracket, CP3 Pump Mount , Twin CP3 Control Harness , 3/8 Barbed 12mm Banjo Fitting , (2) JIC-6 Female Barbed Fitting , 3/8 Barbed Union , 90 JIC-6 Barbed Fitting , High Pressure Fitting , CP3 Pulley Nut , 12mm to JIC-6 Fitting , (2) 12mm Banjo Bolt to JIC-6 Fitting , (4) 12mm Copper Sealing Washers , Rail Pressure Harness Extension Kit , Thread Locking Compound .02oz Tube , Mounting Hardware
Weight: 24 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year, 500,000 Mile Limited Warranty - Please Note: ATS Does Not Cover Broken Shafts
Features:• Increased fuel volume
• Increased Performance
• Maintains stock fuel pressure
• Increased reliability
• Two Separate High-Pressure Fuel Lines
• Applies Consistant Pressure on Each Injector
• More Efficient Atomization of Fuel
• Decreased EGTs
• Improved Throttle Response
• Provides the Motor with the Fuel that it Really Needs
• Prevents Major Damage from Cracks in Fuel Systems and Injectors (from Putting Too Much Fuel Pressure on a Single Line)
• This Kit is Perfect if You Have a Spare CP3 Pump
Manufacturer Info: GM Twin Fueler Kit w/out pump Part # 7018004248 Twin Fueler Injector Pump Kit - 2001 LB7 Duramax, Extreme Performance, Complete w/ Brackets and Hardware * W/OUT PUMP *(customer provides 2nd pump, MUST use pump from LB7 Duramax as second!) ATS Twin Fueler System for the 2001 Duramax doubles the fueling capability when running large tunes and bigger injectors. The system is not only designed to work in conjunction with the factory CP3, but it also maximizes the system. Utilizing ported rail fitting, larger diameter high pressure fuel lines, and a true twin system, the ATS kit allows for huge amounts of power and reliability. When it comes to optimizing a Common Rail Injection System, rail pressure gets talked about a lot. Pressure is in fact extremely important, however, it is not the only important aspect. Equally, fuel volume is the actual additional amount of fuel you are able to add in to the cylinders during injection. This is going to to have massive impact on your final ability to create power. Ultimately, your truck needs fuel pressure to properly atomize the added fuel volume that you introduce. Not all modified CP3 kits or dual CP3 kits have this capability like the ATS Twin Fueler System does. Additionally, the billet aluminum wheel, is sized proportionally to the factory CP3, allowing better equalization of the rails. Generally, this will not matter so much as the regulators will control the amount of fuel regardless, however, it is attention to detail such as this that sets the ATS kit apart from the others. Duramax LB7 Twin Fueler System Features and Benefits: Increased fuel volume throuout entire RPM range Maintains commanded fuel pressure by the computer Increases engine performance Increases pump life and reliability Utilizes your existing CP3 pump Everythings included for easy installation This kit is perfect if you already have an extra CP3 pump! The ATS Twin CP3 Kit for the Duramax and Dodge Ram Common Rail keeps the fuel moving to your injectors, even under extreme load. With the advancement of tuning these trucks, it is easy to lose sight of the optimal conditions for the trucks performance. The difference in the ATS kit is the fact that we use a true twin feed line, instead of splicing into the factory line like the competitors kits. The twin feed line uses two separate high-pressure fuel lines (one for each CP3 pump). On the Duramax, this essentially utilizes one CP3 per fuel rail, while on the Cummins; it adds the second line to the back of the fuel rail. The advantage of this is while any CP3 kit will raise fuel pressure; only the ATS kit can supply the increased commanded volume to keep up. Bigger injectors, longer injector pulsewidths, and bigger tunes all contribute to the necessity for higher volumes of fuel. Without the volume, injectors simply cannot operate properly or as efficiently to get every last bit of power available. With the true twin feed line used with the ATS kit, the whole system is equalized giving each injector more consistent pressure. When these two aspects work in tandem, the result is more efficient atomization of the fuel, which translates into more power, lower EGTs, and improved throttle response throughout the powerband. The issue that high power common rail engines encounter is that when the need for higher volumes of fuel is commanded and only one CP3 or even a modified CP3 is used, the fuel rail starves for fuel, which in turn starves the injectors. If you can imagine that you had a bottle full of gasoline and lit it on fire, it would have big flames and burn for a very long time. Now if you had that same bottle, except this time it was only full of gasoline vapor, and you light that, it is going to cause a very violent explosion. This is exactly what is happening when you loose pressure to the fuel rail. You get poor atomization and thicker balls of fuel, which take longer to burn. Pressure is what gives you good fuel atomization and finite injector spray patters, and volume is what can keep that going for extended periods. To describe the volume situation, say that you were trying to fill up bucket full of water. You have a single garden hose filling the bucket and in order to try and speed things up you splice in another garden hose from another faucet (This is what competitor CP3 kits do). You still are only going to be able to flow the volume of the initial garden hose, but the pressure is in fact higher. Now if you take both hoses separately, you are going fill the bucket twice as fast, and stay at the original pressure, which the hose operates at efficiently. The main misconception with adding a CP3 pump is that as long as you have commanded rail pressure that you are keeping up with the necessary fuel demands. This is the same thing that can be seen with modified pumps. While they do flow higher rates than stock pumps, they simply do not have the supporting modifications to the fuel system to give the motor the fuel that it REALLY needs. These higher pressures are cause for leaks and cracks in the fuel system and injectors, leaving with a broken truck and a big dent in your wallet. This kit is not emissions legal in California. Kit is legal only on race vehicles that will not be used on public highways. Note: DO NOT remove any high pressure fittings from the pump. D oing so can result in damage to the internal components. CAUTION: Cleanliness cannot be overemphasized when handling or replacing diesel fuel system components. This especially includes the fuel injec tors, high-pressure fuel lines and fuel injection p ump. Very tight tolerances are used with these parts. Di rt contamination could cause rapid part wear and possible plugging/sticking of the injector nozzles. This in turn could lead to possible engine misfire . Always wash/clean any fuel system component thoroug hly before disassembly and then air dry. Cap or cover any open part after disassembly. Before assem bly, examine each part for dirt, grease or other contaminants and clean if necessary. When installin g new parts, lubricate them with clean engine oil o r clean diesel fuel only (unless otherwise specified) .

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