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Volant Performance Air Intake Rebate

Volant Performance Rebate Sale

Volant is offering a $50 Mail-In Rebate with the purchase of any Volant Cold Air Intake System. Click on banner to download rebate form.

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Volant 15866 Air Intake System Volant 158666 PowerCore Intake System Volant 5154 Primo Air Filter Volant 51921 Pre-Filter
Volant 51921 Pre-Filter
Low Price: $34.90

2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7
  • Oiled Filter
  • CARB Number: D-526-3

2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7
  • Dry Filter (Donaldson)
  • CARB Number: D-526-8

2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7
  • Fits Volant Air Intake System 15866

2005-2009 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins
2001-2012 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 - LML
  • Fits Volant Air Filters 61517, 61508, 61517

Volant Performance Rebate Sale

Volant is offering a $50 Mail-In Rebate with the purchase of any Volant Cold Air Intake System. Click on banner to download rebate form.

Volant Intakes Performance Air Induction

Based out of Berea, Ohio, Volant maintains a tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality intake systems that are constantly tested and improved upon since the mid 90's. However, they don't limit themselves to only intake systems; with a secured exclusive relationship with Donaldson, Volant carries a variety of intake filter options and also offers scoops, snorkels, throttle body spacers, and exhausts for light and medium duty applications, alike!

Air Intake Filter Types

For the diesel enthusiast Volant offers two types of cool air intake filters, the red-oiled Primo Air Filters and the revolutionary dry PowerCore Air Filter by Donaldson.

PRIMO: The new line of the red-oiled Primo Air Filter is easily distinguished between its blue predecessor (Pro 5) mainly due to color but also because of the engineering behind it demanding for better filtration and maximum efficiency while holding up to the rugged diesel standard. These filters are vigorously tested through an ISO 5011 certified facility and are proven one of the best on the market!

POWERCORE: The PowerCore Filtration by Donaldson is some of the most revolutionary on the market. Volant applications and Donaldson technology combined allows for the smallest particles/contaminants to load on the surface rather than deep down in the filter whilst maintaining the renowned Donaldson minimally restricted filter structure; this forward-thinking technology not only vastly improves air filtration to your motor but also increases such air flow! Adding to it, the filter media is made of such a high-quality synthetic that it surpasses the life span of its competitors simple cotton gauze filters. Volant believes in this filter so much that they offer a 4 year or 100,000 mile warranty on it, when used in urban conditions.

Whether you choose the Primo or the PowerCore filter with your cold air intake system, you are choosing cleaner and denser air regardless meaning increased horse power and lower EGT numbers! The great thing about Volant systems is that whether you originally go with a Primo or a PowerCore filter in your system you always have the option to switch filters later. While maintaining maximum efficiency, Volant has made the cool air system boxes so versatile that the consumer has the flexibility to utilize one filter for their mild off-roading pleasure while reversing back to the other for their on-highway usage, if desired.

Maximum Intake System Protection

The filter box you drop your filter of choice into, matters! The Volant cross-link polyethylene box is made application specific no generic boxes and engineered for greater air flow. The polyethylene box helps to insulate and protect from harsh engine and outdoor elements. Once air hits the box it is directed through a high-flow air filter and high performance silicon connectors while passing on into the air duct. The silicon connectors incorporated into Volant systems allow for a longer life-span and have its competitors falling short with cracked and deformed rubber connectors. Holding tight to those silicon connectors are nothing less than marine-grade stainless steel clamps. The Volant air duct is also nothing to overlook. With less-restriction in mind, Volant creates its cross-link polyethylene air ducts by means of larger diameters and unique bends allowing for maximum airflow which in turn means maximum horse power!

The need for more protection and also for peace of mind, calls for the Volant pre-filter. Whether it's your daily driver or your weekend off-roader, further protect your filter and consequently your motor from additional debris ranging from fine dust to sand, clumps of mud and even splashes of water! Adding the pre-filter to either your Primo or PowerCore air filter will increase the longevity of the filter which means less maintenance for the consumer.

Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

When maintenance is required however, Volant strongly recommends the Red Recharger Kit for the Primo filters. This two-stage kit includes Volant's filter cleaner and filter oil; the cleaner simply loosens and removes logged dirt and the oil is dyed a red which makes it easy to verify that the oil is evenly distributed over the entire surface as to not over-oil. When used in proper intervals and as directed, the cleaner kit will maintain the life and performance of the Volant high-flow systems. And even though the PowerCore system is dry and wouldn't typically require a maintenance or cleaner kit it can still be maintained for those true die-hards. Recommendation for the PowerCore filter is light-flow compressed air up through the bottom of the filter to blow debris back and out the way it flowed in.

Volant engineering combined with Donaldson technology is proven in the field with more than a decade of use and over 15 million filters sold!

Volant and CARB

While Volant strives to pass every system through the rigorous CA standards to earn a coveted CARB badge, not every system is deemed street legal in CA. So if you have a CA registered vehicle or any other state adopting the CA standards, be diligent in protecting your investment and make sure you get the appropriate system.