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ATS Diesel 3099254290 4WD Allison LCT1000 Stage 2 Automatic Transmission with PTO

ATS Diesel 3099254290 4WD Allison LCT1000 Stage 2  Automatic Transmission with PTO

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2004.5-2005 GM Duramax 6.6L
Low Price: $5,810.88

Part Number:

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ATS Diesel 3099254290 4WD Allison LCT1000 Stage 2 Automatic Transmission with PTO

Brand: ATS Diesel
Part#: 3099254290
Application: 2004.5-2005 GM Duramax 6.6L
Includes: : ATS Five Star Torque Converter , ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan , ATS 4WD Diesel Automatic Transmission , ATS Co-Pilot, , Mounting Hardware
Weight: 0 lbs
Warranty: 5 Year, 500,000 Mile Limited Warranty - Please Note: ATS Does Not Cover Broken Shafts
Features:• ATS Built Automatic Transmission:
• Increased Reliability
• 4 Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission
• High Volume Pump
• Heavy Duty Gear Train
• Handles High HP Applications
• Increased Transmission Torque Capacity
• 300m Steel Shafts
• Increased Diameter of Steel Shafts
• Laser-Cut Clutch Packs
• Multiple Clutches in Clutch Packs
• Increased Transmission Lubrication
• Single Sided Friction Clutch Services
• Apply More Power through Clutch Services without Burning Up
• Evenly Distributes Torque Between Clutch Services
• Enamel Coating Painted on to Prevent Corrosion
• Recomended Use with ATS Co-Pilot for Products Full Potential
• ATS Five Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter:
• Product Made in America
• Pantented Viskus Clutch Drive System
• Billet Cover with Patented Square Flank Drive
• Increased Oil Flow
• Decreased Transmission Temperatures
• Improved Vehicle Response
• Improved Towing and Driving Ability
• Increased Efficiency
• Increased Reliability
• Supports Increased Torque Loads
• No Slip Design
• 300m Billet Steel Cover
• Custom Stator with High Flow Windows
• Redesigned Spring Dampener
• Viskus Disc CNC Laser Cut Clutch Plates
• Square Tab Construction (Not Round) Clutch Plates
• 5 Clutch Plates
• Runs on Bearings that Wont Wear Out Like Stock Parts
• Plasma Welded for Unsurpassed Strength
• Fully Welded Turbine and Impreller Vanes
• Hardened Turbine Splines
• Unique Bonding Technology to Ensure 100% Chemical Bond (ATS Exclusive Clutch Formulation)
• Optimized Factory Stall Speed
• ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan:
• Easy Installation
• High Quality Aluminum with Powder Coating
• 5 Extra Quarts of Fluid Over Stock
• 1" Magnetic Drain Plug
• Pre-Tapped for Sensor
• ATS Co-Pilot:
• Product made in America
• Easy to Install
• Push Button Controls
• Lockup Engage and Disengage Based on Vehicle Speed
• Lockup Minimum Speed is 18MPH
• Increases Vehicle Performance
• Eliminates Lugging Engine Problems
• Automatic Exhaust Brake Control
• Controls Transmission Shifts
• Optimizes Transmission Pressure
• Maintains Torque Converter Lockup
• Works with Stock and Aftermarket Transmissions
• Monitors Vehicle Load
• Instantly Modifies Calibrations to Fit Needs
• Eliminates Stock Torque Management and Utilizes the Truck's Full Power (When Needed for Heavier Loads)
• Line Pressure Matched to Engine Torque
• Commands Maximum Line Pressure when Needed
• Maintains Shift Quality
• Reduces Clutch Bind and Slip
• Control over Converter Lockup
• Automatic Exhaust Brake Control
• User Selectable "Race Mode"
• Cooler Transmission Tempuratures from Efficient Power Transfer
• Works with Allison LCT 1000 (5-Speed) Transmission(s)
Manufacturer Info: LCT1000 5-Speed Stage 2 Package, 2004.5-05 GM 4wd Part # 3099254290 2004.5-05 GM Truck 4WD (w/ LLY Engine) Stage 2 Auto Trans Package. Includes: - ATS Built Allison LCT1000 Auto Trans - ATS 5 Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter - ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan - ATS CoPilot Electronic Transmission Controller Saying a lot of R&D has gone into our built Allison 1000 transmissions would be the understatement of the century. Between the engineering team designing parts that our transmission specialists have devolped and the thousands of testing hours on thousands of trucks around the world, no other transmission has been put through the paces like the ATS transmission has. We have transmissions in anything from stock truck with worn out factory transmissions, to professional hot shot drivers, to weekend drag racers and sled pullers, to competition drag racers and sled pullers, and even all the way as wild as a snow cat! The ATS built transmission was designed and produced for what you want out of it and how you are going to drive. What sets the ATS transmission apart from the rest can be summed up in two words: innovation and technology. Clutches - ATS manufactures each and every clutch used in any transmission or torque converter, and we are the only ones who do this. We do this by using a 3 axis high-intensity CNC laser to cut out all our clutch steels which allows us to make even the smallest of changes any time we see room for improvement. What this means is we can make the change and put it into testing and get it to the market almost immediately, where other company are stuck with what they can buy. Along with this, we have formulated our own unique clutch material that is ONLY used in ATS transmissions. It also uses a bonding agent that will not disintegrate with heat or water, once it has bonded with the steel, they essentially become one piece. All clutch material is also bonded in house, which means unparalleled quality control over the parts that YOU rely on to get you to work, down the race track, or through a family vacation. With our clutch designs and the style in which we build those clutches, we are able to add over 200% torque capacity to the transmission, allowing for more power and heavier loads put on the transmission without compromising reliability. Valvebody and pump - The valve body, while working with the computer, is essentially the brain of the transmission. It is what routes fluid to particular clutch packs based on which gear your truck needs to be in. Needless to say, this is an important part, so naturally it was in need of improvement. A stock transmission will run with line pressures, somewhere around 90 psi. While this is no problem for stock power, it has little room for any added torque. With the ATS shift kit (A and B trim valves and converter flow valve) and pump upgrade kit (pressure regulator valve and pressure regulator spring) we bump the pressure in the transmission up to 250 psi. This is what is going to give the clamping force on the clutches and give that added torque capacity. Add in a co-pilot, and that has the ability to reach 300 psi. Not only does this allow the transmission to hold more power, but it also allows for quick, crisp shifts with little to no delay in shift timing. So what you are going to notice, is that not only do you get through the gears quicker, but you will not kill off RPM, and more importantly boost from your turbo charger. 2004.5-05 GM Truck 4WD (w/ LLY Engine) Stage 2 Automatic Transmission Package. Includes: - ATS Built Allison LCT1000 Automatic Transmission - ATS Five Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter - ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan - ATS CoPilot Electronic Transmission Controller

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