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OC DIESEL Categories

See below for all Diesel Performance Categories currently offered...

Diamond Eye Delete Pipes
Diamond Eye Down Pipes
Diamond Eye Dual Exhausts
Diamond Eye Exhaust System Accessories
Diamond Eye Mufflers
Diamond Eye Tips
Diesel Performance
Diesel Performance Parts
Injen Technology
Military Discount
Mishimoto Aluminum Oil Catch Cans & Degas Bottles
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiators
Mishimoto Coolant Filter Kits
Mishimoto Coolant Hoses
Mishimoto Exhaust Systems
Mishimoto Heat Wrap
Mishimoto Intercooler Pipes and Boot Kits
Mishimoto Intercoolers
Mishimoto Liquids
Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kits
Mishimoto Thermostats
Mishimoto Transmission Cooler Kits
PacBrake Air Suspension
PacBrake Engine Brakes
PacBrake Exhaust Brakes
PacBrake Performance Parts
Rigid Industries
Rigid Industries A-Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries Capture LED Lights
Rigid Industries D-Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries D-SS LED Lights
Rigid Industries Dually XL Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries E-Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries Flashlights
Rigid Industries Ignite LED Lights
Rigid Industries Installation Accessories
Rigid Industries LED Grilles
Rigid Industries Light Covers
Rigid Industries Mounting Options
Rigid Industries Q-Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries R-Series 36 LED Lights
Rigid Industries R-Series 46 LED Lights
Rigid Industries Radiance LED Lights
Rigid Industries RDS-Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries Site Series LED Lights
Rigid Industries SR-M LED Lights
Rigid Industries SR-Q LED Lights
Rigid Industries SR-Series LED Lights
S&B Filters
S&B Filters Cleaning Kits
S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Systems
S&B Filters Filter Wraps
S&B Filters Intake Elbows
S&B Filters Intake Replacement Filters
S&B Filters Intake Scoops
S&B Filters Stock Replacement Filters
Titan Fuel Tanks
Titan After Axle Fuel Tanks
Titan Fuel Tanks Accessories
Titan In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Titan Mid-Ship Fuel Tanks
Titan Refueling Transfer Fuel Tanks
Titan Spare Tire Fuel Tanks
WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats
WeatherTech Cargo Liner
WeatherTech FloorLiner
WeatherTech Hood Protector
WeatherTech MudFlaps
WeatherTech Roll Up Bed Cover
WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
WeatherTech Stone and Bug Deflector
WeatherTech TechLiner
WeatherTech TechShade Sun Shade
WeatherTech UnderLiner
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Current OC DIESEL Promotions
Exhaust Brakes
  > Exhaust Brake Kits
  > Exhaust Brake Parts
Exhaust Manifolds
Exhaust Systems
  > Cat Back
  > DPF Back
  > Turbo Back
  > Downpipe Back
  > Performance
  > Stack Systems
Exhaust Stacks
  > 4 Inch Stacks
  > 5 Inch Stacks
  > 6 Inch Stacks
  > 7 Inch Stacks
  > 8 Inch Stacks
  > 10 Inch Stacks
  > 12 Inch Stacks
  > Exhaust Stack Parts
Exhaust Tips
  > 3 Inch Tips
  > 4 Inch Tips
  > 5 Inch Tips
  > 6 Inch Tips
  > 7 Inch Tips
  > 8 Inch Tips
Exhaust Parts
  > Downpipes
  > Mufflers
    • Mufflers - Resonators
    • Muffler Test Pipes
  > Test Pipes
  > Adapters
  > Clamps & Hangers
  > Elbows
  > Diesel Tuners - Diesel Programmers
  > Diesel Gauge Monitors
  > EGT Probes & Sensors
  > Tuner Mounts & Accessories
  > Air Pressure
  > Air Temperature Gauges
  > Axle Temp
  > Coolant Temp
  > Differential Oil Temp
  > Exhaust Back Pressure
  > Fuel Level
  > Fuel Pressure
  > Fuel Rail Pressure
  > HPOP Pressure
  > Oil Pressure
  > Oil Temp
  > Pyrometer
  > Transmission Oil Pressure
  > Transmission Oil Temp
  > Boost Pressure
  > Volt Meter Gauges
  > Tachometer
  > Specialty Gauges
  > Gauge Kits
    • Diesel 2 Gauge Kits
    • Diesel 3 Gauge Kits
  > Gauge Accessories
    • Gauge Fuel Isolators - Fitting-Adapters
    • Gauge Replacement Bulb-LED
    • Gauge Sending Units
    • Gauge Thermocouple Lead Wire
    • Gauge Tubing-Pressure Line
    • Gauge Wire Harness
  > Gauge Mounts
    • A-Pillar Gauge Mounts
    • Dash Gauge Mounts
    • Overhead Gauge Mounts
    • Steering Column Gauge Mounts
    • Under Dash Gauge Mount
  > Bulbs
  > Halogen
  > HID
  > LED
  > Light Accessories
  > Light Mounts & Brackets
EGR Coolers
Fuel Injection
  > Fuel Injector Nozzles
  > Fuel Injectors
Head Studs
Cooling Fans
Engine Filters
  > Diesel Fuel Filter
  > Diesel Motor Oil Filter
Engine Lubricants
  > Diesel Motor Oil
  > Diesel Motor Oil Additive
Fuel Injection Pumps
  > Banjo Bolts
  > CP3 Injection Pump
  > Delivery Valves
  > Injection Pump Parts
  > Diesel Fuel Line Fittings
  > VP44 Injection Pump
  > Fuel Dowel Pin
  > P7100 Injection Pump
  > Fuel Plates
  > Fuel Rail
  > Fuel Relief Valve
  > Governor Springs
Fuel Lift Pumps
  > Lift Pump Parts
  > Lift Pumps with Filtration
  > Lift Pumps without Filtration
Harmonic Balancers
Head Gaskets
Main Studs
Methanol Injection
  > Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Components
  > Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Kits
  > Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Tanks
Oil Coolers
Automatic Transmissions
  > Automatic Transmission Cooling Kit
  > Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit
  > Automatic Transmission Electronics
  > Automatic Transmission Flex Plate
  > Automatic Transmission High Idle-PTO
  > Automatic Transmission Input Shaft
  > Automatic Transmission Intermediate Shaft
  > Automatic Transmission Output Shaft
  > Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit
  > Automatic Transmission Shift Enhancer
  > Automatic Transmission Torque Converter
  > Automatic Transmission Valve Body
  > Transfercase
Manual Transmissions
  > Manual Transmissions
  > Manual Transmission Clutch
  > Manual Transmission High Idle-PTO
  > Manual Transmission Hydraulic Assembly
  > Manual Transmission Shifter Lever Kit
Transmission Filters
Transmission Lubricants
Transmission Pans
Drivetrain & Differentials
Differential Covers
Drivetrain Lubricants
Drivetrain Parts
Hub & Axle Kits
Ring & Pinion Gears
Billet & Stainless Interior
Door Sill Covers
Floor Mats & Cargo Liners
Grab Handles
Guage Faces
Interior Illumination
Air Compressors & Tanks
Air Horns
  > Air Horn Parts - Accessories
  > Train Air Horns
  > Truck Air Horns
  > Truck Air Horn Kits
Bed Accessories
  > Bed Cargo Management
  > Bed Liners
  > Bed Mats
  > Bed X-Tenders
Body Accessories
Diesel Fuel Tanks
  > Fuel Tank Parts and Accessories
  > After Axle Fuel Tanks
  > In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  > Refueling Fuel Tanks
  > Midship Replacement Fuel Tanks
  > Toolbox Fuel Tank Combos
  > Spare Tire Fuel Tanks
Doors & Mirrors
Fender Flares
Fuel Doors
Grill Guards & Push Bars
Lights & Covers
  > Light Bar Illumination
Mud Flaps
Off-Road Armor
Racks & Carriers
Side Steps & Running Boards
  > Nerf Bars - Side Steps
  > Bed Steps - Tailgate Steps
  > Running Boards
  > Retractable Steps
Tonneau Covers
Tops & Covers
  > Fifth Wheel Towing Hitch Accessories
  > Gooseneck Towing Hitch Accessories
  > Towing Hitch Balls
  > Towing Hitch Ball Mounts
  > Towing Hitch Locks - Pin Clips
  > Trailer Towing Accessories
Winches & Recovery
Brakes & Steering
Steering Tie Rods
Ball Joints
Steering End Links
Steering Gear Box
Steering Stabilizers
Steering Track Bars
Disc Brake Kits
Brake Lines
Flash Sale
Air Bag Kits
  > Air Bag Load Level Assist Kit
Body Lifts
Leveling Kits
Lift Kits
  > Suspension Lift Kits
  > Leaf Springs - Shackles
  > Upper Control Arm Kit
Shock Absorbers
  > Air Shocks
  > OEM Replacement Shocks
Suspension Parts
California Legal Diesel Performance Products
Special Events
OC DIESEL Desert Convoy 1
Special Offers
Banks Power Products
Banks Power BigHead Wastegate Actuator
Banks Power Big Hoss Bundle
Banks Power Git Kit
Banks Power iQ Dashboard PC
Banks Power Monster Exhaust
Banks PowerPack System
Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System
Banks Power Sidewinder Turbo System
Banks Power Six-Gun Bundle
Banks Power SpeedBrake
Banks Power Stinger System
Banks Power Stinger-Plus System
Banks Power Techni-Cooler Intercooler System
Diesel Filters-Fluids-Additives
Diesel Engine Coolant
Diesel Fuel Additive
Diesel Water Separator
Differential Gear Oil
Diesel Repair in Huntington Beach
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PureFlow AirDog
Air Lift
Andersen Manufacturing
Aries Brush Guards
ATS Diesel
Auto Meter
Banks Power
BD Power
BD Diesel Performance Specials
Bullet Proof Diesel
aFe Power
  > aFe Air Filters
    • aFe Pro 5R Air Filters
    • aFe Pro Dry S Air Filters
    • aFe Pro Guard 7 Filters
  > aFe Turbos
  > aFe Exhaust Manifolds
  > aFe Intercoolers
  > aFe Exhaust Systems
    • aFe DPF-Back Exhaust Systems
    • aFe Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
    • aFe Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems
    • aFe Downpipe-Back Exhaust Systems
    • aFe Race Pipe Exhaust Systems
    • aFe Exhaust Tips
    • aFe Exhaust Mufflers
  > aFe Air Intake Systems
    • aFe Stage 2 Air Intakes
    • aFe Stage 2 Si Air Intakes
    • aFe Stage 1 Air Intakes
  > aFe Intake Manifolds
  > aFe Fluid Filters
  > aFe Diff Covers & Trans Pans
  > aFe Cleaner - Oil - Restore Kits
  > aFe EGR Coolers
  > aFe Tuners
MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts
  > MagnaFlow Performance Single Exhaust Systems
  > MagnaFlow Performance Dual Exhaust Systems
  > MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Tips
  > MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust System Pipes
  > MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Delete Pipes
  > MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust System Mufflers
  > MagnaFlow Performance Catalytic Converters
  > MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust System Accessories
MBRP Exhaust
  > MBRP Single Exhaust Systems
  > MBRP Cat Test Pipes
  > MBRP Cool Duals Exhaust Systems
  > MBRP Exhaust Accessories Adapters
  > MBRP Smokers Exhaust Systems
  > MBRP Stacks
  > MBRP Exhaust Tips
  > MBRP Muffler Delete Pipes
  > MBRP Down Pipes
  > MBRP Intercooler Pipes
  > MBRP Front Pipes
  > MBRP Mufflers & Resonators
AMP Research Steps
  > BedXtenders
  > Powersteps
  > Bedsteps
Edge Products
  > Edge Juice with Attitude
  > Edge Accessories
  > Edge Evolution
  > Edge EvoHT
  > Edge Insight
  > Edge Mounts
  > Edge Jammer Cold Air Intakes
  > Edge EZ Comp Modules
  > Edge Stage 1 Kits
Fusion Bumpers
Garrett Turbo
  > Ford 6.0L Stock Replacement Turbos
  > Isspro EV2 Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Air Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Air Temperature Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Axle Temp Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Coolant Temp Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Exhaust Back Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Fuel Level Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Fuel Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Fuel Rail Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 HPOP Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Oil Temp Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Pyrometer Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Transmission Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Transmission Oil Temp Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Boost Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Volt Meter Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Tachometer Gauges
    • Isspro EV2 Gauge Kits
      > Isspro EV2 Diesel 2 Gauge Kits
      > Isspro EV2 Diesel 3 Gauge Kits
    • Isspro EV2 Gauge Accessories
    • Isspro EV2 Gauge Mounts
  > Isspro Performax Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Air Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Air Temperature Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Axle Temp Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Coolant Temp Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Exhaust Back Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Fuel Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Fuel Rail Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax HPOP Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Oil Temp Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Pyrometer Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Transmission Oil Temp Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Boost Pressure Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Volt Meter Gauges
    • Isspro Performax Gauge Kits
      > Isspro Performax Diesel 2 Gauge Kits
      > Isspro Performax Diesel 3 Gauge Kits
    • Isspro Performax Gauge Accessories
    • Isspro Performax Gauge Mounts
Bully Dog
Banks Big Hoss Bundle
Calvert Racing
Banks Git Kit
Banks Monster Exhaust
Banks Air Intake
Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator
Banks iQ Dashboard PC
Banks Ram Air Intake System
Banks Sidewinder Turbo System
Banks Six Gun Bundle
Banks SpeedBrake
Banks Stinger Plus System
Banks Stinger System
Diamond Eye Performance
Banks Techni Cooler Intercooler System
AEM Air Intake
AEM Diesel Intake
Dynomite Diesel Performance
Bully Dog Performance
BD Diesel Performance
Audio CD
Toy Collectibles
T Shirts
BD Diesel Power
FOX Shox
High Tech Turbo
Industrial Injection
K&N Filters
King Shocks
Kleinn Automotive Air Horns
Odyssey Battery
PPE Diesel
Pro Comp
Royal Purple
SCT Tuners
Snow Performance
South Bend Clutch
Torco Oil & Lubricants
Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks
Transfer Flow Cab Chassis Fuel Tanks
Transfer Flow Fuel Tank Parts and Accessories
Transfer Flow In-Bed Fuel Tanks
Transfer Flow Midship Replacement Fuel Tanks
Transfer Flow Refueling Tanks
Transfer Flow Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combos
Transfer Flow Toolbox and Refueling Tank Combos
TS Performance
Vision X
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