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OC DIESEL carries a huge selection of MBRP Performance Exhausts for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, Chevy and GMC Duramax. Our MBRP Diesel Exhaust lineup includes single and Cool Duals exhaust systems, stacks, tips, delete pipes and more. Whether you're looking to increase power for towing, get better fuel economy or simply burn rubber, MBRP has the perfect system for your diesel truck.

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MBRP Single Exhaust Systems

MBRP offers a wide range of exhaust systems that include a single side exit. You can choose between systems that reach from the turbocharger all the way back, from the catalytic converter, or even only from the DPF. You also get the choice of different types of metal and different finishes to match whatever look you are going for. All of these systems improve your truck's performance with more horsepower and torque, and lower exhaust temperatures.

MBRP Cool Duals Exhaust System

Split exhausts with an exit on both sides of your truck lend a unique look and balance that you don't see very often. With their specifically machined and streamlined piping, Cool Duals don't hinder exhaust flow like some split exhausts do, allowing your EGT's to stay way lower, and lets you get the performance increase without the worry of overheating. MBRP Cool Duals systems come with all the same options as the single exit systems with turbo back, cat back, or DPF back exhausts, as well as the choice between multiple materials and finishes.

MBRP Smokers

Get the classic diesel look with the Smokers systems. These systems convert a traditional, under body exhaust into one with stacks that come out through the bed of the truck. You can choose which system length, material, and finish you prefer, as well as the option for a single stack system, or dual stacks. Smokers provide the same type of performance increases as traditional aftermarket exhausts, with lower EGT's, more horsepower, and more torque.

MBRP Exhaust Tips

The finishing touch for any exhaust system is an exhaust tip. They provide a finished look to any system, even stock. We carry a broad range of tips in different styles. You can find a tip to fit anywhere from 2.5 inch to 5 inch stock or aftermarket exhausts, with outlet sizes of 4 inches to 8 inches. There are different finishes and cut styles to suit any look and style you desire.

MBRP Stacks

The most important piece of any Smokers system is the stacks. It's the part of the system that you see, and the part that defines the look of your truck. We have sacks with 4inch to 8 inch outlets, straight stacks, bent stacks, and so much more. And just like with our traditional exhaust tips, you have a variety of finishes and cut styles to customize your look.

MBRP Down Pipes, Up Pipes and Front Pipes

Increased exhaust flow starts with a good down pipe. Down pipes bolt right behind your turbo, connecting to your stock catalytic converter or the front of your exhaust pipe, which gets the flow started. So a mandrel bent durable metal down pipe like the ones that we offer are a very good upgrade choice for any system. We also offer a few different up pipe replacements for Ford 6.0L and 6.4L models, whose factory Y-pipe are prone to failure and often leak exhaust back into the system. In Chevrolet /GMC Duramax diesel trucks, the downpipe is also commonly referred to as the front pipe. It's the pipe that fits right behind the turbo and connects to the cat or the front of your exhaust pipe, depending on your vehicle. No matter what you call it, our pipes open the exhaust flow for improved power potential and increased air flow.

MBRP Intercooler Pipes

Your intercooler is a key factor in maintaining cool intake temperatures, but you might not have considered the effect that the intercooler tubes have on it. Larger intercooler tubes help increase the air flow into the intercooler, and on the other side help prevent air from heating back up before it can reach your engine. Replacing your factory tubes can decrease the air temperature into your engine, giving you more horsepower and torque.

MBRP Cat Test Pipes and Muffler Delete Pipes

If you want the best performance round for off road race purposes, a cat test pipe is your best option. Cat test pipes remove the catalytic converter for racing or testing purposes, giving you a clearer reading of your engine performance. Keep in mind that the removal of the catalytic converter is not legal in some jurisdictions, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchasing. If, instead, you prefer a slightly more muted sound without creating an unappealing drone, our line of mufflers and resonators are a good choice for you. The dual core technology that they are built with dampens the exhaust tone, but doesn't get rid of it altogether. You'll get a rich exhaust note that is louder than the stock exhaust, and we have many options for you to choose just how much louder it is.

MBRP Exhaust Accessories

Anything you need to round out your system, you'll find in our accessories. From a wide range of exhaust pipe adapters, to T-pipe concealer plates, and much more, we have everything you need to make your vehicle look and act the best it can. If for some reason you cannot find what you're looking for please give us a call. We're happy to help!

more about MBRP Performance Exhausts Series types...

Pro Series

The first choice in the MBRP Premium line of products is the Pro Series Exhausts. These systems are made from mandrel bent T304 stainless steel. They come in a beautiful, mirrored chrome finish, and include exhaust tips and muffler where applicable. They are available for a wide variety of vehicles, and come with a lifetime warranty.

XP Series

Another great series in their Premium line is the XP Series Exhausts. They are constructed with heavy duty T409 stainless steel throughout the entire system, and have a mirrored chrome finish. They come with their respective exhaust tips and muffler in applicable systems. They include a lifetime workmanship warranty on all components of the system.

Installer Series

The Installer Series Exhausts is another Premium line, and is built from heavy 16 gauge aluminized steel. They carry the same kind of fitting and style as the Pro and XP series steel lines, but with a lighter metal. They have the same chrome finish and also include the tips and muffler, in the longer systems. It comes with a three year workmanship warranty on all of the included parts.

Black Series

The Black Series is made from the same heavy gauge aluminized steel and includes the same pieces as their Installer Series, but instead of the chrome finish it comes with a high-heat black coating that is incredibly durable. There is a one year warranty on the coating, and a three year warranty on the components.

Performance Series

For new comers to the diesel aftermarket performance world, MBRP offers an entry-level product line lowering the buy-in cost to get the engine breathing better. The P Series (Performance) is constructed from aluminized steel, which comes with a one year workmanship warranty on the parts. This system does not include an exhaust tip, but it does include MBRP's smaller muffler, which gives off a more aggressive sound than any of the premium line products.

PLM Series

The next step up is the PLM Series (Performance Less Muffler), made from the same aluminized steel and including the same one year workmanship warranty. The difference is that instead of a muffler, these systems come with a muffler delete pipe, which gives an even more aggressive sound than the other systems, which is highly sought after by many diesel enthusiasts.

SLM Series

The highest quality in the Entry-Level product line MBRP offers is the SLM Series (Stainless Less Muffler), which carries the most aggressive sound of all their systems, and the heavy duty T409 stainless steel construction that will last you many years. It comes with a five year workmanship warranty on all components, which includes the muffler delete pipe. These systems do not include exhaust tips.