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Edge Products for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstorke and GM Duramax

Edge Products aftermarket performance tuners, programmers, modules and monitors for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke and GM Duramax diesel trucks offer even more powerful features for those with an OBDII connection. Edge has become the premier name in diesel tuning and continues to develop innovative programs as well as colad air intakes (CAI) and new performance packages that provide the highest horsepower (HP) gains, strongest torque, best towing capabilities and economy modes that save on fuel consumption.

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Jammer Cold Air Intakes

Edge's Jammer Cold Air Intakes are specifically designed to take the intake box further away from the engine, and has a larger intake tube with less sharp bends than stock. This helps keep the temperature of the intake air down and allows for a smooth, uninterrupted airflow. Keeping that temperature low increases the concentration of oxygen in the airflow and leads to more efficient engine combustion. You get more power and better fuel efficiency. Jammer Intakes are available with oiled or dry filter options to better suit your individual needs.

Juice with Attitude

The Juice with Attitude product line is the most advanced line offered by Edge. It controls the timing and duration that your truck's injectors fire by intercepting and modifying signals to your vehicles computer, allowing you to get the most performance possible. There are 5 different power levels that you can switch between on-the-fly, giving you total control over your truck. It also allows you to monitor many vital engine parameters, such as various engine and fluid temperatures, turbo boost, EGT's, and much, much more.

The monitor mounts in the cab of the truck, and is highly customizable, so you can always see the numbers that matter most to you, in a format that works for you. It is internet updateable, and has the options for expandability with the EAS product line (sold separately). Choose between the CS2 model, with a 2.4" color screen and button controls, or the CTS2 model, with a 5" color touch screen.

Evolution Tuners

Another option is the Evolution tuner, which reprograms the tune in your vehicle's computer to modify the engine calibrations. It includes multiple power levels for performance adjustability in any environment. The vehicle must be stopped and off in order to switch between power levels, but unlike many other tuners on the market, the Evolution stays mounted in the vehicle to allow you to monitor various vehicle parameters.

This tuner is internet updateable, customizable, and has the option to add the stackable accessories in the EAS product line (sold separately). The older CS styles offer simplicity and ease of use with button controls and backlit display, where the newer CS2 and CTS2 styles offer customization options and full color displays.

EvoHT Handheld Tuner

EvoHT is a handheld version of the Evolution programmer. You get almost all of the same features in a slightly simplified, smaller version of the tuner. It has a 2.8" color screen with button controls and multiple power levels to choose from. EvoHT is internet updateable, but is not compatible with the EAS accessory systems.

Edge EZ and Comp Modules

Simplicity can be found in the EZ and Comp modules. They offer simple, plug in tuning installation. They offer multiple tune levels with a simple, manual switch mounted in the cab for changing levels. It is a great option for drivers that already have gauge assemblies, but want to tune their vehicles, and don't need or want the Monitor that comes with other Edge tuners.

Insight Monitors

Insight is an industry leading digital gauge monitor. It does not offer any tuning capability, but instead focuses on monitoring output and vehicle performance. You can monitor engine and exhaust temperatures all in one place instead of having multiple, bulky gauge assemblies. You can choose the parameters you want to see, customize layouts and color options, and set visual and audible alerts to protect your systems.

Choose between the CS2 monitor, with button controls and a 2.4" screen, or the CTS2 monitor, with a 5" touch screen. The system is internet updateable, and fully customizable for your convenience. It is also compatible with the EAS product line, so you can stack accessories to better monitor vehicle parameters in more places.

Stage 1 Performance Kits

For maximum performance, you can get a Stage 1 Performance kit. They bundle together a Jammer Cold Air Intake and an Evolution programmer. You get all of the features and benefits of both individual products, and the extra benefit of saving money by bundling them together. You'll also see a bit of power increase by having both systems versus one or the other.

You can get the exact system that you need by choosing between oiled or dry filters in your intake, and a CS2 or CTS2 monitor for your programmer. Make the system your own with the many customization options on your monitor and adding EAS products (sold separately) you can stack to add even more individuality to it.

Monitor Mounts and Tuner Pods

Create a sleek interior look by mounting your tuner, programmer, or monitor in one of our Dash Mounts. They blend with existing interior in your vehicle to create the illusion that it belongs there. If you have one of the older model mounts for a CS or CTS monitor, but upgraded to a CS2 or CTS2 monitor, Edge offers a pod adapter so you can keep your mount for your new monitor. They also have an adapter that allows you to mount a monitor in a pillar gauge pod.

Edge Products Accessories

Edge also offers the EAS product line, a stackable "daisy-chain" style system. This includes multiple sensor types, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, turbo boost timers, and more, to allow you to build the system that you want and need for your specific application and needs. They offer different kits for data logging or competition uses, or you can piece together your own kit with individual parts.