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Air Compressors & Tanks for Dodge, Ford, GM and More

The Air Compressor of a vehicle is the device converting the electric, gasoline, or diesel motor's power into kinetic energy. This is accomplished by compressing the air, generating additional pressure which can be released quickly in bursts.

More about Air Compressors & Tanks for Dodge, Ford, GM and More

These positive displacement air compressors force air into small chambers, decreasing the air's volume in order to compress it and increase the pressure. Piston type air compressors accomplish the same goal by using the pistons' constant motion to pump the air into the chamber. There are also negative displacement air compressors which include something called a centrifugal compressor. These are characterized by their use of centrifugal force as the means to achieve their goal. This type of compressor uses a spinning impeller, which is basically a rotor used to increase a fluid's rate of flow in order to accelerate and decelerate captured air, creating pressure. This process is usually accompanied by one form or another of air or water cooling, although some extreme compressor types may be cooled first by oil and then air or water. These types of atmospheric changes and liquid types are also considered during the compressor's cooling cycles.