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Best Aftermarket Diesel Air Intakes for Ford, Dodge & GM Trucks

Knowing which cold air intake system to buy may seem overwhelming to a person, especially with the vast number of aftermarket companies who are making them today. We offer only the aftermarket diesel air intakes that actually make an overall improvement in the engines performance and fuel economy. We focus our diesel air intake attention on the big three, Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax. We do not carry all brands because we believe not all brands live up to their claims. In this section you will find air intakes that make a difference. Also find the appropriate replacement filters, pre-filters (if offered) and filter cleaning kits.

Diesel Air Intakes

One of the best cost effective aftermarket upgrades for a turbo diesel engine is a cold air intake system. Knowing which cold air intake system is best for your diesel truck can seem overwhelming to a person, especially with the vast number of aftermarket companies manufacturing them today. When buying a diesel air intake there are a couple of key considerations.

One consideration that may be important is to know whether or not your state has legal highway restrictions regarding these types of aftermarket components. Does your state require aftermarket parts to have an EO sticker (Executive Order Number)? If so, then you may want to be sure to buy an air intake that has one because it will be very handy when it comes time to smog your diesel truck. This can be a limiting factor when purchasing an air intake system. Be sure you check with your state before making your purchase. We have made special efforts to list diesel air intakes EO Number if the providing manufacture has filed with the EPA for it.

Another consideration when purchasing a diesel air intake is to determine your driving habits. Are you driving in dusty dry conditions or dirty grimy streets? Maybe you do some of each and therefore lend favor to both air intake filter option types, dry and oiled air filters. S&B Filters, aFe Power, Banks Power and AEM offer their diesel air intake systems with either option. Some of those manufactures offer both types of air filters (dry and oiled) included in one kit.

Replacement Filters

Having a clean replacement filter on the shelf is one of the keys to maintaining your diesel engines air intake system in a timely manner. Replacement air filters come in a couple of different options and depending on what type of driving conditions best suits your needs, oiled or dry seem to be the most common replacement filters on the market. It may be a good idea having one of each depending on the type of driving you encounter. As a general rule of thumb, oiled filters are best suited for grimy street driving and dry filters usually merit dirty dusty conditions. The way dry air filters are made there is not too much to cleaning them. Simply, remove and gently bang the filter against a hard surface a few times and then reinstall. Oiled filters require more preparation. First you must clean the media and then oil it. Just be careful to not over oil the cotton gauze because it will definitely cause unwanted expenses. Commonly seen is MAP Sensor dysfunction. Having a replacement air filter ready to drop in may allow for the cleaning process to be easier.

Pre-Filters and Cleaning Kits

One way to keep the maintenance interval at bay is to buy a pre-filter for your filter. Pre-filters have minimal air restriction and keep the larger objects from damaging the air filter. Commonly seen stuck to the pleats of an air filter are chunks of dirt and debris, dead bugs and bees. Having a cover over the air filter promotes protection against such agents. Cleaning a pre-filter is simple, too. Just use soap and water, air dry and you're done.

Stock Replacement Air Filters

There's something for everyone and buying an aftermarket stock replacement filter, in many cases, is better than nothing especially better than running the factory paper filter. Drop-in or stock replacement filters come in the same shape as the original OEM filter and they are simple to install. Just open the factory air box, remove the old one and drop in the new one. There are myths about spending money on a stock replacement filter and their advantages over OEM. Although some critics have the right to reserve their opinions about aftermarket air filters, there is one argument they cannot contend with. That is, the affect an OEM filter has on the rest of the air induction system when wetness or atmospheric moisture is introduced into the driving conditions, such as rain or heavy fog. The paper filter doesn't serve well against the wet elements like the aftermarket structured cotton gauze air filters do. Nevertheless, take care of your workhorse by giving it the best quality aftermarket parts possible to run cleaner filtered air throughout its induction system.

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Banks Power 42138 Ram-Air Intake System Filter Element Banks Power 42138-D Ram-Air Intake System Filter Element Banks Power 42168 Super-Scoop Kit Banks Power 42132 Ram-Air Intake System

2001-2014 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 - LML
  • OILED Filter
  • Fits Banks Intake Systems 42132, 42135, 42142, 42172, 42220, 42230

2001-2014 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 - LML
  • DRY Filter
  • Fits Banks Intake Systems 42132-D, 42135-D, 42142-D, 42172-D, 42220-D, 42230-D

2003-2007 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ
  • Chevy Classic Body Only
  • Excludes 2001-2002 Trucks

2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7
  • OILED Filter
1 2 3 ... 14