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Diesel Exhaust Systems for Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke

Shop Diesel Exhaust Systems for Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke at Unbeatable Prices - Fast & Free Shipping - Expert Service on Diesel Exhaust Systems - Check Out Our Huge Selection at OC DIESEL Today!

Welcome to the leading Diesel Exhausts distributor. OC DIESEL is the number one source for providing diesel performance parts at low prices. Buy now and receive excellent customer service and fast shipping, we will settle for nothing less than the best.

OC DIESEL offers a wide selection of Diesel Exhausts for most diesel truck, motorhome, and RV owners. Experience the benefits of increased horsepower and towing performance with our Diesel Exhausts selection. Whether your diesel is used for recreation, heavy towing, daily driving, drag racing, sled pulling, or mud bogging the addition of Diesel Exhausts can increase horsepower, torque, towing capability, and fuel efficiency. They can reduce back pressure and lower EGT's (exhaust gas temperatures) while delivering a rich exhaust sound. They usually install with common tools and carry a warranty. We also carry several Diesel Exhausts replacement parts, accessories and components.

Use our easy online check out and purchase your Diesel Exhausts now or call us at (714) 848-2170 for more Diesel Exhausts information.

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Banks Power 48640 Single Monster Exhaust System 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Banks Power 48641 Single Monster Exhaust System 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Banks Power 48642 Single Monster Exhaust System 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Banks Power 48643 Single Monster Exhaust System 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

More on Exhaust Systems from OC Diesel

A vehicle's exhaust system is used to extract the toxic or polluting fumes that are byproducts of burning gasoline. These systems are typically composed of pipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, and a resonator. You can usually see the exhaust system on a truck, with a silencer surrounded by a metal sheet with perforations in order to safeguard anyone who may be standing near the component from being burnt. This sheath is typically chrome plated, because face it, chrome is sweet. A segment of the pipe which connects the engine and silencer is typically fabricated from industrial ducting made from flexible metal. This prevents engine vibration from damaging the rest of the exhaust system. Many larger diesel exhaust pipes are vertical rather than horizontal, which assists by blowing the gases away from people nearby. The tip of this often possesses a metal flap to protect it from small objects which can fall inside. The cat back, an easily recognized segment of the exhaust system runs from the catalytic converters' outlet all the way to the final vent in open air. These usually make use of a pipe larger in diameter than that of a stock system, and utilize glasspack mufflers to increase performance by reducing backpressure.