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Pyrometer Gauges - Diesel Trucks & More

Pyrometer Gauges are a type of exhaust temp gauge that gives you a means of monitoring sudden changes in exhaust temperature. This signal is generated by a probe or thermocouple in the exhaust manifold. Constant temperature monitoring is really the only way to be alerted to temperature problems before a water temperature gauge has to tell you.

More on Pyrometer Gauges - Diesel Trucks & More

The pyrometer gauge is the most efficient means of indicating engine problems out there. These higher temperatures are usually caused by the following: -Improper throttle use and shifting which causes an engine to lug -An excessive amount of fuel being forced into the system, a result of heavy footed driving or a faulty fuel system. -Dirty Air cleaners which choke the engine for air -High Altitude -Wind Resistance -High Intake Ambient Air Temperature High heat levels are a leading cause of damage to the turbocharger. Turbochargers have a maximum input temperature that is usually right around 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this level is going to cause damage through deterioration the the turbo's housings. This will cause cracking and foul up the compressor wheels. Catastrophic damage continues to spread through the intake and exhaust manifolds and the cylinders will even crack. Pyrometers will note the change in temperature if an injector clogs, a piston cracks, or cylinder leaks. Pyrometers are the superior way to call attention to problems in an engine because they measure the internal thermodynamics of an engine. These gauges will ensure your engine's long life, improve a vehicle's fuel consumption, and maintain a lower emissions level all while indicating malfunctions BEFORE you hurt your truck!