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AEM Air Intakes

Based out of Compton, CA, AEM is home of one of the first packaged induction systems and the company who originally coined the phrase Cold Air Intake. Initially known as a performance tuning shop, AEM has become so much more than that with almost 3 decades under their belt. From R&D experience geared towards street racing vehicles combined with a grasp of the technicalities and workings of engines plus enthusiastic inventiveness, AEM and their bright yellow logo have become world famous. After the Battle of the Imports, where AEM first garnered spotlight, came a new era of expansion when they turned out their very first DIY intake upgrade for the "normal" people of the world, i.e., non-race car drivers. Staying true to their innovative background AEM partnered with K&N in 1999 to further develop the intake system at the air horn and filter base specifically, in order to increase efficiency. This relation later led to K&N's acquisition of and partnership with AEM in 2006, only furthering their already impressive resume.

AEM Brute Force vs. Brute Force HD

AEM offers two different types of cold air intake systems for the diesel owner: Brute Force and Bruce Force HD. While both systems will improve on the factory air box they do have unique differences depending on how exactly you handle your truck; daily driver or weekend warrior, pavement princess, brave mudder, or strong hauler.

BRUTE FORCE: Designed with the fuel injected truck in mind, these systems are each specially dyno-tuned to obtain max horsepower and torque while still maintaining the safety of your engine. The Brute Force HD series systems may or may not come with a heat shield depending on application and what will provide the motor with the best air ratio. The combined heat shield, reinforced brackets, and either molded high density polyethylene or aluminum inlet pipes allow for a lifetime guarantee and some of the best air delivery on the market.

BRUTE FORCE HD: Bigger is not always better however, in AEM's case it is. Simply put, the HD line means more power, max air flow and out-of-this-world filtration specifically engineered for the diesel engine. The Brute Force HD series is generally defined by its complete air box surrounding the filter but in some cases the filter is so large that a simple heat shield will do the trick! The main objective of this box and/or heat shield is to protect the filter and motor from engine bay heat whereby increasing horse power. The dyno-tested air inlet pipe is constructed of a heavy duty aluminum which also houses ports for the factory MAF sensors, avoiding any dash lights or reduced power from not having them plugged in. The inlet pipe also hosts the HD filter which is nearly double the surface area of the already impressive 9" Brute Force filter - meaning longer cleaning intervals and less hassle for you! One of the most important aspects and what can often be overlooked are the mounting points of the system to the truck however, in the HD line AEM created and included dual soft anti-vibration mounts. The HD line is also backed by AEM's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

AEM Intake Tubing Finishes Offered:

DC: Gunmetal Gray powder coat
DP: Chrome-like (mirror polished)
DS: Black powder coat-like

Air Filter Types

AEM filters are offered in two different dry series, of which were engineered in collaboration with K&N.

BRUTE FORCE DRYFLOW: This sturdy and gray-in-color filter has become amongst the go-to's in dusty racing conditions. Most Brute Force Dryflow filters have internals that include a plastic cage-like structure that helps maintain the shape and integrity under high performance use, with the ribbed gray synthetic filter media surrounding the structure. Oil-free and cleans easily!

DRYFLOW: The most sought-after of the two filters is the red Dryflow filter because of its versatility. The filter media is ribbed and encased in a wire screen to enhance structural integrity while withstanding high horse power and torque. So not only is this product great in dusty conditions but also useful for a normal highway diesel driver, especially those towing! This product is oil-free and cleans easily!

AEM Filter Protection & Cleaning

Extra protection for either type of air filter is the AEM Pre-Filter, made to keep dust, water, and mud from penetrating to the depths of your filter. The micro-screen material helps to prevent harm not only to your filter itself but also to those components which your intake system feeds first, your turbo! Make sure to purchase the pre-filter for that added peace of mind.

AEM has intelligently manufactured a cleaner that can be used on both of its synthetic filter types Brute Force Dryflow & the standard Dryflow. The AEM filter cleaner is a solvent designed to eradicate dirt and road grime that has made home in your filter and by simply rinsing the filter with water, maintaining your filter couldn't be easier! Even though the intake system air filters boast a lengthy 100,000 mile cleaning interval it is always smart to periodically check on your filter.

AEM CARB Compliant Air Intake Systems

While AEM strives to have most of its systems CARB approved there are some systems that are NOT approved to be sold to or installed on trucks registered to California. If your truck is registered to CA or a state adopting the CARB laws, make sure to look for the 50-state legal systems which will all have accompanying CARB EO numbers making them street legal. Other systems are denoted as "CARB EO Number: NO" and are legal in all other states.

AEM's cold air intakes increase horse power and efficiency for your diesel HD motor and in conjunction with their high-quality hose clamps, couplers, massive air filters, and unbeatable warranties, you can't go wrong with the purchase of an AEM intake!

popular AEM products...

AEM Air Intake Performance for a Wide Selection of Applications

Now offering a wide selection of AEM Air Intake parts and products for diesel truck owners who continually demand high performance, horsepower, and fuel economy enhancements made exclusively for the 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel, 5.9L Dodge Cummins Diesel, 6.6L GM Duramax Diesel, 6.7L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, 6.4L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, and 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel. The AEM Air Intake is also offered to the GM C4500/C5500 Medium Duty Series Truck Cab and Chassis, Sterling 4500/5500, F450/550/650/750 Series Trucks, RV, Motorhome Diesel Pusher, Toterhome Transport, and Heavy Duty Semi Tractors.

Increase MPGs, Torque, and Power with AEM Air Intake Performance

Diesel owners come to know the beneficial aspects of fuel efficiency versus power ratio. While supporting a purpose or specific need such as recreation use, heavy towing, daily driving, drag racing, sled pulling, mud bogging, or all the above, an AEM Air Intake provides an abundance of cool clean air. Adding a AEM Air Intake helps allow for a stronger running, more efficient, and improved operating engine.

AEM Air Intake Replacement Parts

Get replacement parts for any AEM Air Intake including OE replacement air filters, DryFlow and Brute Force air filters, filter oils, filter cleaners, and other air induction components.

Need Professional Diesel AEM Air Intake Installation?

OC DIESEL offers Professional Diesel AEM Air Intake Installation, Service, Diagnostic & Repair.

Local to the Southern California or Orange County area, we're ready to take your call 8am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday (PST).

Call (888) OC DIESEL or (714) 848-2170 or Email Service Inquiries to: [email protected] to schedule your appointment for an AEM Diesel Air Intake installation.