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Body Lifts Kits & Parts for Dodge, Ford, GM Trucks

Interested in increasing the size of your tires? Grab a body lift kit and you're able to increase your tire size to as large as 33 inches! All of this without even negatively impacting your suspension or stability controls. You can even take these out in order to gain an additional three inches of ride height. Your brake lines will remain unaffected by the lift because they are more than long enough to allow the additional three inches of lift. There are certain types of kit which come with a long bracket to support the brake line, but you still won't need a new or long hose. Factory gas filler tubes are typically long enough, but for those vehicles which aren't, many of these body lift kits contain an extension that slots right in with the simple addition of some hose clamps.

More Information on Body Lifts Kits & Parts

Many people mistakenly believe that the addition of a body lift kit is going to cause the body and frame to separate in the event of a crash. Due to the nature of most vehicles construction with 12-16 body mounts, an enormous amount of force would be necessary to cause this. This is even true in the case of a rollover, as these vehicles are designed to crumple on impact, absorbing the force and limiting the destruction caused to body mounted bolts. The only time this seems to truly be a concern is for people who create their own kits from aluminum or steel tubing that are larger than the three inches most vehicles can easily handle. A good lift kit is going to use polyurethane body blocks with nylon reinforcement that are extruded at an extremely high combination of pressure and temperature; creating stronger, more compliant, and better energy absorption levels than steel or aluminum ever could. They are accompanied by quality hardware like the thread-locker in order to keep the bolts' vibration levels to a minimum. Body lifts can create a feeling of top-heaviness when driving, but this is largely dependent on exactly how high the lift is going to be. A standard three foot lift, even when accompanied by larger tires, will usually feel mostly normal, but if you are going to be driving your vehicle off road, a full suspension will be a better choice because of the increased demand for axle control and articulation.