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Diesel Repair in Huntington Beach

Diesel Repair in Huntington Beach

Welcome, you have found a trusted diesel repair facility. We are the number one source for all your diesel repair needs. OC DIESEL is conveniently located in Huntington Beach, CA with a seven year track record of doing good business by ways of servicing their customers diesel repairs with professional solutions. OC DIESEL offers professional diesel repair, diesel diagnostics, diesel service, and aftermarket diesel performance parts installation. Our rule of thumb for doing business is simple, BE THE BEST.

Professional Diesel Diagnostic Service

Any time your truck requires service or repairs it is likely that several people will be involved in the process and good communication among everyone involved is important to getting your truck serviced right the first time. An OC DIESEL technician performing the repairs needs to be provided information to aid him in knowing what you are requesting to be done to your vehicle, identifying all concerns, making an accurate diagnosis and effective repairs can be the difference between a good feeling when leaving and a not so good feeling when leaving.

Professional Diesel Repair Service

You being the owner of a diesel may not have been informed of the required diesel maintenance these engines require. You may have been simply sold on the efficient torque and horsepower output that a diesel has come to be popularly known for. Sometimes a diesel repair or concern may be as simple as a power module that is not working and other times a noise or engine concern that happens only occasionally. By taking note of the details related to the concern, like the frequency it occurs, warning indicators that are illuminated, and gauges that are reading abnormally really helps an OC DIESEL technician address your concern. Therefore, keep in mind, are you hearing noises? Feeling vibrations or bumps? Do you smell something burning or see smoke? What color is the smoke? When does this happen - while accelerating, stopping or turning? Is there fluid leaking? What color is the fluid? Diesel Repair in Huntington BeachThese are all examples of good details to note. Sometimes we will suggest that a customer take a road test with one of our OC DIESEL professional technicians to help demonstrate a not so common occurrence that you may be experiencing. No diesel repair is the same and at OC DIESEL we strive to be the best at what we do. The communications between you, the diesel technician, and the service writer must be impeccable to effectively address your diesel repair concerns. This highly effective means of communication help diagnose the toughest of drivability and transmission issues, noises and intermittent concerns that happen under certain operating conditions that ONLY seem to happen when you are behind the wheel. This is why our professional diesel technicians located at our facility of diesel repair in Huntington Beach will always road test your vehicle and sometimes take other necessary means by having you drive along with the technician and reproduce the concern. We are aware that we may not be able to effectively address a problem you have described and want to insure that what it is you bring your vehicle in for is what is being taken care of, correctly, the first time.

Remember to address things like any broken parts on the vehicle or recent diesel repairs, services, or preventative maintenance when scheduling your visit. At OC DIESEL all customers records of diesel maintenance and repairs are well organized to insure the most up to date knowledge of the last diesel service your vehicle received.

Common Diesel Repairs

The problem with this cascading of effect, is the fact that usually engine failures happen without warning and mileage doesn't seem to matter. The end result is a HUGE REPAIR BILL AND NO GUARANTEES! In the end, it is the Ford Powerstroke owner who is faced with tough decisions when it comes to their diesel repair and that is not even taking into consideration the initial cost of these trucks.

All the above are common Ford diesel repairs that are derived from failures with a significant theme... they are all cooling system related failures! So, when one component fails, other components associated with the cooling system are affected causing them to fail as well. The best way to know what is going on with your system it to have it diagnosed by one of our Professional Diesel Technician's. OC Diesel offers the best diesel repair in Huntington Beach and has the equipment and staff ready to diagnose your Ford diesel truck. Simply, call us at (714) 848-2170 and schedule an appointment today!

Diesel Diagnostics

There are specific tools for specific jobs in the field of diesel repair. OC DIESEL maintains state of the art and up to date the latest diesel diagnostic equipment available on the market. As other shops may use their generaDiesel Repair in Huntington Beachl scan equipment, we take our diesel repair in Huntington Beach much more seriously by using the same factory equipment recommended by the engineers of Ford Motor Corp, GM, and Cummins. Though the equipment is very expensive, it is to everyone’s best advantage to get the correct diesel diagnostic information accurate such as the Ford Online Automotive Information System or OASIS, a computer system that provides vehicle, warranty, recall and Extended Warranty information about specific vehicles. Diesel Repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL is a valuable resource simply due to the precision equipment used by their professional technicians. As OASIS for the Ford diesel is an extremely valuable and necessary resource for Ford diesel repair, remember that these resources and technology are only useful if we get the correct information from you the diesel owner right from the start.

Ford Diesel Repair, Service and Diagnostic

Many diesel truck owners have labeled OC DIESEL as the Ford diesel repair specialists in Huntington Beach and greater surroundings of Southern California. It's no joke when the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel or Ford 6.4L Powerstroke diesel breaks down. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair a 6.0L Ford diesel truck and that is no laughing matter. Powerstroke owners and fleet managers already know it's not a question of if, rather a question of when their 6.0 or 6.4 Powerstroke is going to let go!

Unfortunately, the 6.0L and 6.4L Ford Powerstroke diesels are notorious for having one or all the following components fail at the same time:

Diesel Repair in Huntington Beach
  • Blown Head Gaskets (Typical Professional Diesel Repair Cost $2,500)
  • EGR Cooler (Typical Professional Diesel Repair Cost $1,800)
  • EGR Valve (Typical Professional Diesel Repair Cost $750)
  • Oil Cooler (Typical Professional Diesel Repair Cost $2,000)
  • Blown Engine (Typical Professional Diesel Repair Cost $8,000 to $14,000)


It seems extremely unlikely that a set of 8 fuel injectors could fail at the same time. Following normal diagnostics for this situation can lead to the replacement of good parts and leave you with an engine that still won't start. The technicians at OC Diesel, who think outside the box, take a step back and look at this as something caused the injectors to fail as they all didn't fail on their own. As the family of 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel engines on the road age we are experiencing a high percentage of EGR cooler failures. If a truck owner is unaware of the failure or continues to drive his truck adding coolant because the engine is using it there is an increased risk for coolant to enter the crankcase and contaminate the engine oil. This is the very same oil that is used by the fuel injectors to allow them to open and close properly. The coolant and water content in the oil damages the spool valves in the fuel injectors rendering them inoperative. Regardless of whether an EGR cooler failure is a long-term coolant loss condition or worse, a complete failure with a hydro lock condition, the engine oil and filter must always be changed during the cooler repair and before restarting the engine.

Another common failure on EGR coolers is due to the coolant core seam (which is soldered, not welded) leaking, which allows coolant to enter the exhaust stream (up into the turbocharger), or into the intake when the EGR valve is open. OC DIESEL performs diesel repair in Huntington Beach over and over for this common problem by installing their Heavy Duty EGR Cooler that is built with an extra solid internal ported wall cavity (welded) that prevents water corrosion from passing through into the hot exhaust passage.


Stuck or plugged EGR valves are a common problem on every model year 6.0L Ford Powerstroke. EGR valve failure is commonly caused from what Ford Motor Corp engineers call “coking deposit”, a tar-like substance that gums up causing the internally loaded spring on the EGR valve to stick. Be aware, removing the EGR valve is an “easy job”. However, doing the job “correctly” without damaging the EGR valve during removal is often overlooked and a very common occurrence amongst amateur installers. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL have the needed experience, knowledge, expertise, and use the recommended tool from Ford Motor Corp when inspecting the EGR valve.


Most 6.0L Powerstroke Engines are affected by O-ring failure on oil rail plugs. Over time the O-rings wear, and eventually oil pressure blows them out. Although, there can be several symptoms when a 6.0L Ford O-ring failure occurs, the most common symptom experienced when an oil rail plug fails is a long crank, no start situation. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL have all the needed experience, knowledge, expertise, and use the recommended scan equipment tool from Ford Motor Corp when performing these type of inspections, diagnosis, repair, and installation of oil rail plug O-rings.

ICP (Injection Control Pressure) FAILURE

You may have heard the term “heui” when speaking to someone who has experienced ICP (Injection Control Pressure) failures with their 6.0L Ford Powerstroke. While troubleshooting the complexities that come with a hydraulically actuated fuel injection (HEUI) system can stump many. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL use the recommended interface equipment tool and laptop when performing this diesel diagnosis, repair, and installation of a new ICP. Furthermore, it is important to note that while rear main seal leaks have been found to be a problem, they have also been misdiagnosed on some Ford 6.0L's due to the erroneous equipment used by the installer as wells as lack of knowledge. A common mix up has been made due to the fact that the oil running down onto the ground under a Super Duty often assume the worst, when in reality it's an ICP failure, located under the turbo at the rear of the engine valley. It will be a good idea to call or come in to have your HEUI system checked out by an OC DIESEL professional technician before it’s too late.


If you own a 6.0L Ford diesel and have not yet experience an oil cooler failure, then consider yourself lucky as it is one of the more common diesel repairs on all 6.0L's. The route of the problem is that they become restricted (plugged up) on the coolant side, and other times the gasket fails. Both are easy fixes, but the problem is gaining access to the oil cooler itself that becomes the headache. It is not an accessible component at the top of the motor. It takes many hours just to access the oil cooler. The oil cooler is located on the top of the engine block sunken down into the block cast between cylinders 1, 2, 3, and 4. A diesel repair job of this magnitude will entail the removal of the Air Intake, Intake Manifold, Alternator, Fan Shroud, Serpentine Belt, Fan, EGR Cooler, Fuel Filter Housing, Oil Filter Housing, Turbo, FICM and FICM Harness just to access the Oil Cooler. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL use the recommended interface equipment tool and laptop when performing and oil cooler diagnosis and repair. Diesel performance aftermarket upgrades are available from OC Diesel that will make your Ford 6.0L oil cooler bulletproof.


Another component that could fail on the Ford 6.0L are the fuel injectors. Many times what happens is, other than oil contamination, the spool valve gets stuck or sticks open. This is a usual occurrence on any model year Ford 6.0L diesel engine. If the position of the spool valve gets stuck open then too much oil can be allowed to flow in from the high-pressure oil rail causing pressure overages. If the spool valve is stuck closed then not enough oil can flow in to activate the fuel injector causing a misfire or runs rough condition. The Ford Motor Corp engineers calibrated a new download midway through the 6.0L's five-year production run that reprograms the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) referred to as an "Inductive Heating Flash". This update will help eliminate the sticking spool valves condition with Ford 6.0L fuel injectors. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL use the recommended interface equipment tool and laptop when performing this diesel diagnosis, repair, installation, and recalibration to the FICM.


Different year model diesel trucks have both good and bad features that are associated to them. The Ford 6.0L 2003.5 model year seemed to have had the worst fuel injection control module (FICM) issues. Many '03 model trucks experienced FICM failures in early 2003 for rough run and loping idle concerns. Recalibrations to the FICM also helped reduce engine noise and improve emissions. Later-model 6.0L FICM calibrations didn't have this pilot injection feature. Another issue which happens to any model year Ford 6.0L is that the internal circuit boards in the FICM expires or burns up. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL use only the recommended interface equipment tool and laptop when performing this diesel diagnostic, repair, installation, and recalibration to the Ford FICM.


The 6.0L Power Stroke is equipped with a variable vane geometry turbocharger (VGT). Although, the Ford 6.0L is not equipped with the best scenario case turbocharger for the aftermarket enthusiast, the turbocharger is what it is. The vanes of the VGT that control the displacement of the turbo are prone to sticking from “coking deposit” or soot build-up. If the vanes stick, performance will be sacrificed and the engine may experience a lot of turbo lag. Sticking of turbo vanes can also lead to cylinder head gasket expiration. Additionally, the oil drain tube on early 6.0L Powerstrokes is restrictive and can lead to turbocharger failure in some rare situations. For some good news, the most popular aftermarket diesel turbocharger upgrades for the Ford 6.0L is the Garrett Stage 1 PowerMax Turbo. Our technicians performing diesel repair in Huntington Beach at OC DIESEL use that turbocharger as an upgraded option when performing this repair.

Diesel Repair Vehicle Applications

OC DIESEL offering a wide selection of diesel repair in Huntington Beach for the following vehicles: 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel, 5.9L Dodge Cummins Diesel, 6.6L GM Duramax Diesel, 6.7L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, 6.4L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel, and 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel. OC DIESEL also offers diesel repair in Huntington Beach for GM C4500/C5500 Medium Duty Series Truck Cab and Chassis, Sterling 4500/5500, F450/550/650/750 Series Trucks, RV, Motorhome Diesel Pusher, Toterhome Transport, and Heavy Duty Semi Tractors.

Have a question about diesel repair in Huntington Beach?

We are ready to take care of your diesel repairs right now. No job is too big or too small, so please don't hesitate to call one of our diesel repair customer service experts at (714) 848-2170 between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST. Allow us to solve your diesel problems correctly the first time you visit.