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Isspro Gauges

Isspro EV2 Gauges

Isspro EV2 Gauges were designed for high visibility and to match your truck's OEM gauges ... LED Match ... Color Match ... Font Match ... So if you're looking for high performance gauges that blend with your truck's style ... EV2 Gauges are it! ISSPRO's EV2 diesel gauges have all the bells and whistles, including Microprocessor-Controlled stepper motor movements, LED back lighting, Precision Senders and a 270 degree sweep, packed into All Electric Diesel Gauges.

Isspro EV2 - Enhanced Visibility Gauges

Isspro Performax Gauges

ISSPRO has been associated with diesel instrumentation for over 65 years. The Performax line of diesel gauges were created especially for diesel performance, backed by six and a half decades of quality and knowledge, unmatched by any other diesel gauge company. ISSPRO'S PERFORMAX system includes, Stepper motor gauges with LED lighting, Heavy Duty Electronic Signal Processors (ESP) and New high accuracy ISSPRO sensors ... performance and quality like no other.

Hover over gauges to see backlighting

ISSPRO R70023R Ev2 00-07 Chevy Pillar Kit  - Pyro-Boost-Trans Temp Gauges + Speaker
2000-2007 Chevy
  • Face: White - Bezel: Black - Pointer: Red
  • Lettering: Black - Backlight: Green
  • 3 Gauge Kit with Pyro, Boost & Trans Temp + Speaker


ISSPRO is an OEM supplier to many diesel vehicle manufacturers, and their new Performax and EV2 product lines extend their engineering expertise to products specifically developed for the diesel performance aftermarket.

ISSPRO'S EV2 gauges have microprocessor controlled stepper motor movements, which feature LED backlighting and have a 270 degree sweep. EV2 gauges were designed to match most popular OEM lighting colors, fonts, and pointer styles. High precision solid state sensors are included with the high performance gauges, as well as all everything that is needed for a typical installation. For a streamlined look of multiple gauges, both 2 and 3 gauge kits are offered to match your diesel truck's interior and gauge cluster. ISSPRO EV2 Gauges . . . High Performance Gauges designed to match the year, make and model of your diesel truck!

ISSPROís Performax Gauges allow up to 17 gauges to be installed with only three common wires through the firewall. The three wires and up to 17 sending units are connected to a common Electronic Signal processor (ESP) which is installed under the hood. Gauges are daisy chained together and snap into mounting pods without clamps or fasteners making the addition of more Performax gauges a "snap". With the corresponding sending unit installed on the vehicle, a newly added Performax gauge will find its sending unitís signal on the data broadcast by the ESP, and instantly respond with the gauge reading. ISSPRO Performax gauges . . . specifically designed for all the data you need of your high performance diesel truck!