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MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts

OC DIESEL carries a huge selection of MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts for Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, Chevy and GMC Duramax. Our MagnaFlow Diesel lineup includes single and dual exhaust systems, tips, down pipes, extention pipes, catalytic converters, delete pipes, muffers and more. Whether you're looking to increase power for towing, get better fuel economy or simply burn rubber, MagnaFlow has the perfect system for your diesel truck.

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MagnaFlow Single Exhaust Systems

Open up your exhaust flow potential with a MagnaFlow single exhaust system. These systems come in either stainless steel or aluminized steel, and give you the option of various configurations. You can choose from turbo back to DPF filter back systems to suit your particular need. Some systems include mufflers and tips, and some come with a black coating instead of the mirrored finish that the rest have.

MagnaFlow Dual Exhaust Systems

Dual exhaust systems from MagnaFlow boast the same performance increases and large variety of options as the single exhaust systems, with the added style that comes with the dual exit. Some configurations have both exits on the same side of the vehicle, and others split to have one on each side. With either option, you get a beautiful system that gets you more horsepower and lower temperatures.

MagnaFlow Tips

To finish any exhaust system, you need and exhaust tip. They are the finishing touch to round out any system, stock or aftermarket. It's a simple way to give your vehicle a nice, polished look. The tips that MagnaFlow offers are constructed from stainless steel, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any desired look.

MagnaFlow Down Pipes, Extension Pipes, Tail Pipes and Delete Pipes

If instead of replacing the entire exhaust, you want to replace only one piece, you'll find what you need in the system pipes. There are down pipes, tail pipes, extension pipes, and more to suit your individual needs. This also includes muffler delete pipes, for those of you that want to hear that unhindered rumble from your exhaust.

MagnaFlow Mufflers

For those of you that don't like that loud rumble and want to quiet things down, MagnaFlow also has a selection of different sizes of mufflers to dampen that sound down to a more reasonable level. For diesel vehicles, they offer straight-through, round body mufflers and direct fit replacements that fit factory exhaust systems. They are constructed from stainless steel and come in either satin or polished finishes.

MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters

MagnaFlow also offers a few different options for upgrading your catalytic converter. There are direct fit replacements, which bolt right into where the stock cat was, and universal options, which require cutting and welding for a proper fit in most vehicles. Changing the stock catalytic converter may not be legal in your jurisdiction, so be sure to check your local regulations before purchase.

MagnaFlow Accessories

Get just what you need to round out your systems. Anything extra you might need, such as adapters or clamps, can be found here. They have high quality construction to match the systems you love, and make it possible to get the best fit and style possible, no matter what vehicle you drive.

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MagnaFlow Stainless Steel DPF and NON-DPF Series Exhaust Systems

  • Made in the USA.
  • Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Polished Tips (when included).
  • Lifetime Construction Warranty. Black has 1 year on Finish.

MagnaFlow Series

Get massive power gains with the MagnaFlow Series exhaust systems. Whether you choose a cat back or a turbo back system, you'll get high quality stainless steel construction and mandrel bent tubes for a perfect fit. Pre-2007 vehicles without a DPF include a double walled tip, while post-2007 vehicles with a DPF include a single walled, intercooled tip. Both include a muffler in applicable systems.

Black Series

The Black Series uses the same construction and options as the MagnaFlow Series, with the difference being the black coating on the tailpipe and the tip. That adds a touch of style and a little extra protection to the system, and while the system itself has the MagnaFlow lifetime warranty, the black finish has a one year warranty.

Pro Series

You get a little more room for customization with the MagnaFlow Pro Series. In vehicles without a DPF, you get a stainless steel muffler, and no tip, allowing you to choose the tip you desire to finish off your system. In newer vehicles that do have a DPF, you get a muffler delete pipe and a single walled, intercooled tip. Both are stainless steel systems with a lifetime warranty.

Aluminized Pro Series

A more lightweight option is the MagnaFlow Aluminized Pro Series. They include same systems and options as the MagnaFlow Pro Series, but with and aluminized steel construction instead of stainless steel, which allows the system to be much lighter. These systems come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Custom Builder Pipe Kit Series

The most customizable option is the Custom Builder Pipe Kit Series exhausts. These systems are stainless steel and backed by a lifetime warranty. They include a muffler delete pipe and do not come with a tip, so you can customize it any way you like to fit your needs.

Aluminized Custom Builder Pipe Kit Series

All the same custom options in a lighter system can be found in MagnaFlow's Aluminized Custom Builder Pipe Kit Series. This aluminized steel option gives you a much lighter system with the same high quality system design and customization ability as the stainless version of the same, without all the weight dragging you down. These systems include a 1 year limited warranty.

Off Road Pro-Series

Diesel truck owners who use their trucks for off road trail running or heavy towing, MagnaFlow offers the Off Road Pro Series. These stainless steel systems include a muffler, and are designed without the tailpipe so the turn down tip lets out before the axle. It makes it possible for anyone with custom suspensions or anyone that does heavy hauling to not have to worry about tail pipe clearance.