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Methanol Injection Diesel - Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke

Methanol Injectors utilize a mixture of water and methanol and inject it directly into the fuel/air mixture as it travels towards the combustion chamber. Methanol is much cleaner than typical fuel, boasting an exceptional ratio of cost to benefit. It also produces only a very small amount of NOx in its emissions. This process allows for the combustion chamber to burn more diesel fuel than previously able. Methanol provides a chemical intercooling to the combustion process. It is the simplest compound in the alcohol family, comprised of only one carbon atom, one oxygen atom, and four atoms of hydrogen. Its octane boosting properties also dramatically diminish EGTs or exhaust gas temperatures. It has been shown to increase fuel economy by 1-3 MPG. These methanol injectors also greatly increase towing performance due to the power increase and cooler EGTs needed to haul heavier loads around.

Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Components Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Kits Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Tanks

Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Components

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Diesel Water-Methanol Injection Kits

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Why You Need a Methanol Injector

Methanol Injectors increase the power of the engine in two different ways: air charge cooling and combustion conditioning. In the first, a water/methanol mixture can lower air charge temperatures by over 200 degrees F. This lower air temperature assists in creating a denser air, providing a greater density of oxygen molecules for combustion. In the process of combustion conditioning, the methanol works as both a catalyst for combustion and an agent which cools. Vaporization of the water in the combustion chamber will increase the amount of torque generated and the output of power through the steam effect. The water vaporizes, which creates steam which wants to rapidly expand and push down hard on the piston, generating additional torque. This increase in power is dependent upon the mixture of water and methanol, but is usually around 50-100 HP, and 100-150 lb/ft increase in torque. Pure methanol should never be injected into fuel: it ignites at too low of a temperature (140 F) and burns with an invisible flame.