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Mishimoto Aftermarket Performance for Diesel Trucks

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Mishimoto has recently staked a claim in becoming a major player in the diesel performance aftermarket arena. Catering to the big three light duty diesel truck manufactures (Dodge RAM Cummins, Ford Powerstroke and GM Duramax) they have also addressed the latest Nissan Titan XD Cummins. Mishimoto air induction and cooling performance products are high quality and in demand.

Aluminum Intercoolers

The Mishimoto aluminum intercooler provides a significant benefit to your diesel engine. Whether it's stock or heavily modified, the cast aluminum end tanks help provide an increase in pressure tolerance and the increased air volume in the bar-and-plate core design provide a significant decrease in temperature. The improved airflow and lower EGT's increases the engines performance potential as well as increase air induction, longevity and efficiency.

Intercooler Pipes & Boot Kits

Mirror polished mandrel-bent aluminum pipes and high quality silicone boots round out the intercooler system options from Mishimoto. The pipe smooth out the restrictive factory bends, improving airflow and performance potential. Duracore technology in the silicone boots allow for movement without bursting in high boost conditions, and improved resistance to heat and contaminants. The constant tension T-bolt clamps included with the boot kits provide security and reliability in holding everything together.

Aluminum Radiators

The direct, factory-fit radiators offered by Mishimoto make an ideal replacement for the stock system. The TIG-welded aluminum end tanks and brazed aluminum core make up a long lasting, durable radiator, which provides maximum cooling power and improved engine function. It protects against overheating, and is a great choice no matter whether your truck is heavily modified, or still running stock.

Coolant Hoses

Upgrading to Mishimoto's high quality silicone coolant hoses eliminate a critical failure point. The stock rubber hoses degrade, and often fail. These silicone hose kits include multiple layers of heat resistant fibers, which increase temperature and pressure tolerances for a more reliable system that will last for years.

Coolant Filter Kits

Adding a filter to your coolant lines can help prevent expensive and harmful cooler clogs and potential failure. These filters mount parallel to the coolant system, in an easy to reach area so it can be quickly removed and serviced. The hoses are specifically designed to minimize the possible leak points, and come available in multiple colors for you to choose from.


Mishimoto offers two different types of thermostats, though both work as direct replacements for the factory thermostat. There is the High-Temp version, which offers a higher activation temperature to provide faster warm up times for those in colder climate areas, and the Low-Temp version, which has a lower activation temperature to prevent overheating for those in warmer climate areas or those that do heavy towing or undergo extreme driving conditions. Both versions are made from high quality components that won't rust out over time.

Oil Cooler Kits

The Mishimoto oil cool kits come with an adapter that allows it to be virtually universal, fitting most makes and models. It allows you to regulate your oil temperature, which is essential to extending the life of your engine. There are options for either a standard kit, or one that comes with a thermostatic sandwich plate, which is ideal for those in colder climates, as it lets you limit the amount of oil into the cooler until the temperature rises a bit more. You also have the option of silver or black finishes, so it can match any engine bay.

Transmission Cooler Kits

Mishimoto's Universal Transmission Coolers are a wonderful addition to any truck for various reasons. They provide supplemental cooling for transmission fluid on trucks that do a lot of heavy towing and undergo high stress to the transmission. They also allow certain automatic applications to install Mishimoto Radiators that are otherwise only suitable for manual transmission applications.

Exhaust Systems

Mishimoto offers a DPF-back exhaust system for select applications. The mandrel-bent stainless steel offers smoother bends than stock for a less restrictive exhaust flow and higher performance capabilities. It offers the option to convert between a standard exit at the rear bumper or a turn down exit at the rear axle for off-road conditions.

Oil Catch Cans & Degas Bottles

Oil catch cans are a great way to protect your engine from contaminants in your crankcase vapors. Unlike other catch cans, Mishimoto keeps the blow-by that it catches and allows you to drain it rather than putting it back in the oil pan, making sure you keep those contaminants out permanently. Degas bottles are used to get air out of the coolant as it passes through, and Mishimoto's is constructed out of TIG-welded aluminum for maximum durability and includes an NPT port so you can add a pressure sensor if you would like to.

Heat Wrap

A great way to help protect your vehicle from overheating in the engine bay is to add some exhaust heat wrap. This heat wrap offers intense thermal protection, with direct heat resistance up to 1800F and radiant heat resistance up to 2800F. There is enough included to wrap either a v8 engine or a 4 cylinder with a slight difference in how tightly you can wrap them. There is also the option of heat protective tape, which is a highly reflective material that self-adheres to protect the sensitive engine components that are sensitive to over-heating. It can withstand up to 675F of radiant heat.

Coolant Liquids

A good coolant help prevent overheating and doesn't freeze. Mishimoto's synthetic engine coolant is good for all radiator types, helps to seal pinhole leaks within the system, and is useful to reduce wear on the engine. It's offered either pre-mixed, so you can keep it with you and add it to the system wherever you are, or in the full strength variety, so you can mix it yourself based upon your own specific needs with the help of the mixing ratio guide that comes with the bottle.