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Pacbrake PRXB Exhaust Brake Performance for Diesel Trucks

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PacBrake offers a comprehensive line of exhaust brakes for the light and medium duty diesel aftermarket. They are grouped into three different categories, Fixed Orifice, PRXB (Pressure Regulated Exhaust Brake) and the Loadleash. The Loadleash works in conjunction with the factory installed VGT exhaust brake, primarily for the 2007 and newer 6.7L RAM Cummins trucks and commercial trucks that have a VGT turbo controlled by the ECU. The main difference between the fixed orifice exhaust brake and the PRXB is the PRXB has wastegate design that regulates exhaust backpressure as engine speed changes. The valve maintains near constant engine backpressure throughout the entire RPM range, providing maximum exhaust braking power at all times.

PRXB Exhaust Brake

The Pressure Regulated Exhaust Brake (PRXB) is a system that takes advantage of naturally occurring exhaust backpressure to assist in braking. It helps increase the longevity of your brake system, without causing any harm to your engine. It can be turned on and off with a simple switch for when you do or do not need the assistance, and has built in safety features to prevent overpressure issues and does not restrict exhaust flow at all when not in use.

LoadLeash Engine Brake

This engine brake is specifically designed to work with the engine's existing variable geometry turbo (VGT) exhaust brake. It allows the engine combustion cycles to assist with braking. It has a simple bolt on construction, doesn't raise the valve height, and allows drivers to tow or haul heavy loads without fear of "runaway truck" conditions.

Rear Air Bags Suspension Kits

These suspension kits are designed to assist your existing suspension system. It evens out the balance in the back of your vehicle when doing heavy hauling, which allows you to have a comfortable ride, even when pulling a heavy load. They have a lot of different control options to give you a customizable experience best suited to your needs.

PacBrake Performance Parts

This includes anything else you might need to finish off your systems. Including oil filters, tie rod sleeves, heavy duty springs, and more. You'll also find various switches for the exhaust brake and air leveling systems in this category.