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Rigid Industries High Performance LED Lights for Street Truck & Off-Road

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A-Series LED Lights

These lights are small in size, but useful in various places. They can be used as dome lights inside the vehicle, to illuminate under hood or trunk areas, as driving lights on the back of a trailer, and many other options. They are available in black, gray, or white finishes, high or low power, and multiple light color options.

Capture LED Lights

The Capture light bars are specifically designed for use with GoPro Cameras. They have a built in spot to mount the camera, a power supply/charging system for the camera, and the beam pattern and light output were designed to provide the highest quality of light in the GoPro's field of vision. It offers a high a low power option for optimal lighting and filming no matter the situation, and is available in black or white finish to compliment any vehicle. GoPro camera is not included.

D-Series LED Lights

The D-Series, or Dually, lights are compact and incredibly versatile lights that have a high output without being a big draw on power. They offer a wide variety of mounting options, finish colors, light colors, and beam patterns, each with their own advantages. They are most frequently used as fog lights and as scene lights on a wide selection of applications.

D-SS LED Lights

Adapted from the Dually lights, the D-SS, or Dually Side Shooter, offers all of the same beam patterns and finish colors as the original, with the added benefit of lights that are directed to the side as opposed to only straight forward. Single D-SS lights provide a pair of lights on each side of the light face pointing outward, and the pairs include a row of three on the outer edge of the light. As a single light or in a pair, you can get up to 120 degrees of lighting coverage.

Dually XL Series LED Lights

The Dually XL light series boosts the same benefits as the original Dually, in a larger package. Still compact enough to be incredibly versatile, while providing more LEDs and a stronger light beam, the XL versions come with the same beam pattern options and finish colors as the original.

E-Series LED Lights

This is the original Light Bar design. The E-Series light bar comes in a wide array of lengths and light beam configurations for any application you might need. With options from 4 inches to 50 inches in length, and your choice of black or white finish and white or amber lighting, you can find an E-Series Light Bar to suit your needs. The newly redesigned two piece housing keeps the lights cooler and draws less energy, while still being just as powerful.


Rigid took the same technology that makes their light systems so powerful, and shrank it down to fit it in your pocket. The RI-Series flashlights take the same high output LED lights that they use in all of their lights, and wrap it in highly reflective machined aluminum to create an insanely powerful flashlight in a small package. The smaller version is available in 6 different light colors, while the three larger options are white lights. The larger versions are incrementally more powerful and provide a longer beam distance. All versions include the rechargeable battery or batteries to power it, and have all been put through extreme quality testing.

Ignite LED Lights

The most compact light offered by Rigid, Ignite is capable of handling any situation where you need a short range output. It is specifically designed to mount to off-the-shelf GoPro mounts, so the vast array of mounting options make it a great choice for auxiliary lighting in almost any vehicle or situation. GoPro mount is not included.

Installation Accessories

This includes anything that is not necessarily required for your lights, but might make the experience of using them more enjoyable or less stressful. From wire harnesses that include simple toggle switches for your lights, to security kits that add an extra amount of difficulty to removing the lights, to wire extensions for more complicated setups, and much more. Anything you need, you'll find it here.

LED Grilles

For those of you that want to have a light bar built into the front grille of your truck, we've got you covered. Our LED Grilles are a simple swap out with your factory grille, with an aggressive style and custom cut holes specifically to fit light bars without having to drill holes in the body of your truck. While some grille kits do include the lights that fit, many do not. Be sure to double check before ordering.

Light Covers

Along with any pod light or light bar, you might want a light cover. They come in a variety of colors and opacities to suit your needs, and are all precision cut to fit the specific light series. For longer light bars, some covers come in segments, so be sure to double check how many segments you need.


From flush mount buckets to bar mounts and roof mounts, each type of light pod or bar has a variety of mounting options. You can find what you require for your mounting needs here.

Q-Series LED Lights

Q-Series lights are made up of 4 D-Series lights into one big single housing. They are specifically designed for heavy duty uses where lighting is important, such as commercial trucks, off-road vehicles, and Fire and Rescue vehicles. They are available with options for single beam patterns or a combination of a few patterns for a multitude of applications. Also available with black or white finishes.

Radiance LED Lights

Radiance takes the housing from the D-Series pod lights and the E-series light bars, and adds a lot of new features. They include a built in backlighting that can be controlled separately from the primary lights, and that backlight is available in 5 different colors. They are available in 4 inch pods, and 10 inch to 50 inch bars.

RDS-Series LED Lights

RDS takes the original E-series light bar, and increases the spread of the light beam by forming a gentle curve as opposed to being completely linear. They are available in 20 inch to 54 inch lengths, which have the potential to add a bit of style and functionality to any vehicle.

R-Series 36 LED Lights

R-36 lights encase the powerful Rigid lighting in a compact, circular housing with a curved lens. They are a "drop-in" replacement light for a PAR36 enclosure, but they also work really well as spotlights and in any situation where you need high intensity scene lighting.

R-Series 46 LED Lights

R-46 is an adaptation of the R-36 version that is slightly larger, but with higher output and different styling on the light face. They work well as fog lights, spotlights, and area lighting. They are available with a black or white finish.

Site Series LED Lights

For those of you that routinely need to illuminate large areas such as worksites or emergency scenes, Site Series lights are the best choice for you. They are one of the most powerful lights Rigid offers, and with its built in tilting mount and easy carry handle, portability and adjustments are a breeze. It comes in a white or black finish, and in AC or DC current option to suit your specific needs.

SR-M LED Lights

SR-M takes the same technology from the D-series lights, and cuts it in half. Being half the size and using half the amount of LED's lets these lights be even more versatile and adaptable. They can be used in almost any application, with the option of a few different beam patterns, for any need you have.

SR-Q LED Lights

With SR-Q , Rigid took the D-Series lights, and spread the LED's into a horizontal configuration instead of square. It allows for a wider lighting area from smaller areas that a typical light bar wouldn't fit or be feasible. With different beam patterns available, and multiple mounting options, SR-Q is a wonderful lighting solution. SR-Q2 offers two more LED's in the same style and shape of light, with just a bit more lighting power.

SR-Series LED Lights

Similar to the E-Series light bars, the SR-Series is designed to be high output lighting solutions while consuming less power than a typical light bar. Unlike E-Series, however, SR is also designed to be low profile, which can help with aerodynamics in racing or emergency applications or generally to reduce drag from more bulky light bars. They are available in sizes from 6 inches to 50 inches, with black or white finishes, and a few different beam patterns to suit your needs and desires.