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Ring & Pinion Gears for Diesel Trucks

Ring & Pinion gears are held in place by a standard differential, giving the vehicle its final drive ratio. This component is responsible for transmitting the driveshaft's power to the wheels. This is what causes the vehicle to move!

More on Ring & Pinion Gears for Diesel Trucks

When you're driving forward and in a straight line, there will be an equal amount of force placed on both of the vehicle's side gears. Your ring & pinion gears will be unable to turn, which then makes the ring gear spin both wheels. When one tire has sufficient resistance that it begins to slow down or speed up, then the pinion gears will fall into play; this allows the two side gears which are attached to the vehicle's axle shafts to rotate at different speeds. As your vehicle deals with the resistance of a turn, the outside wheel must turn faster and travel further than your inside wheel. A series of gears allows this to happen, causing the outside wheel to spin faster than the ring gear while your inner wheel turns slower.