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S&B Filters for Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke and EcoDiesel Trucks

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Originally founded by Sal & Barbara in 1970, S&B continues to be steadfast in their mission: "Become a manufacturer of the most technically advanced high-performance filter on the market," and they are well on their way! Focusing their specialization to performance filters for diesel trucks has allowed S&B to pour copious amounts of research and development into these filters. Their cold air intake systems and filters are processed through some of the most rigorous testing on the market – and you know they mean business when they actually own this testing equipment themselves.

Air Intakes with Proven Performance

S&B cold air intake systems are unique in that every single system made whether it be made for a Chevy, Ford, or Dodge diesel, it comes with a filter box – versus being exposed to the elements of a hot motor and NOT having a filter box or only have a heat shield. This allows S&B to maintain their top priority of protecting the engine, and all the while minimizing air flow restrictions and maximizing air flow efficiency. Another trademark of S&B is their clear filter box tops; this allows the consumer to easily keep an eye on the integrity and lifespan of their filter. The advantage this clear filter box top plays may be minimal at first thought but when it comes to that point and you have to wait until you get home – assuming that you're anywhere near home and not out at the desert or road-tripping – go find the tools, spend the time taking a competitors lid off and after inspection then securing it back in place, putting your tools away, wouldn't you have rather had that clear lid?!

Behind S&B's clear lids are their unassuming cold air filters – while they don't look like anything out of the ordinary, they are one of the highest tested filters on the market today! These filters come in two versions: cleanable cotton (red oil) and a disposable dry (white synthetic). And because there is no performance difference between the two then the choice is yours, would you rather clean/maintain a filter or toss it out and start fresh?

COTTON: This filter is comprised of 8 layers of a cotton media that is double sided in an aluminum screen which is then accordioned into its filter base setting. The tremendous amount of media combined with the aluminum screen give this filter an incredibly high strength, able to withstand that diesel horse power and torque! When it becomes inundated with dust & grime it is simple to maintenance with the cleaning and oil kit that S&B provides for this filter – let it fully dry, drop it right back in and you're back on the road! This filter is best used for maximum filtration and every day driving and is crucial that that filter be maintenanced regularly!

DRY: When stopping to clean, dry, and oil the air filter just isn't your thing and you want to get right back on the road ASAP, then the disposable dry filter is your option! With a high-strength aluminum internal structure and the dry white synthetic media which tents over that, this filter makes for a secure and rugged option that has the best of both worlds. Simply remove the filter from its intake tube, tap on a hard surface to loosen debris, reattach, and you're on your way. This filter is best used for dusty conditions and every day driving.

*Either filter you choose, there will not be an ounce of dust or dirt on it when it arrives to you because every single one of S&B's filters comes shrink-wrapped!

S&B Air Pre-Filters & Cleaners

One incredibly easy way to keep the air filter that much cleaner is the S&B pre-filter air filter wrap. These filter wraps will extend the cleaning intervals and add to the filter's life span because they're able to catch the larger particles from reaching the filter itself. They are specially engineered to fit the filters so that you'll always have tight fitting protection that won't bog down performance.

S&B offers a cleaning kit for the cleanable cotton filter called the Precision II. There are a lot of filter cleaners out there, even some at home products that might work but certainly aren't recommended, but nothing is guaranteed to refresh your S&B air filter like the Precision II: Cleaning & Oil Kit (Red Oil). Not only does the kit provide you with the solution to help remove tough grime from the filter media but it also contains filter oil and instructions! This kit is said to be able to service about three cycles through.

S&B Filters vs. Competitor Air Intake Companies

The most recent feature turned out by S&B is truly withstanding the test of time…and heat! Able to withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this feature is silicone rubber which was introduced in order to survive the extreme temperatures of the diesel motor and outlive the competition's urethane rubber. The new silicone rubber component was rolled out in 2013 and is used in S&B's filter bases, couplers, and inlet plugs, and is guaranteed not to crack and break down over time.

Many cold air intake systems are also fit to accommodate S&B's giant air scoops. These air scoops fit into a bottom portion mouthpiece of the intake box and tunnel down to the scoop opening which sits just below the front bumper. The scoops provide more flow and generally cooler air thus giving you lower EGT's and a better performing engine. Driving through rain & snow? No problem! These scoops are tested against the elements and are designed to expel debris before it even reaches your filter so they are not sucked into your engine causing harm.

S&B doesn't just manufacturer a system and slap it on a truck hoping it will perform. To be the best requires the best equipment and products so that is where S&B begins, with internationally recognized equipment, their own ISO 5011 facility! The ISO 5011 Standard is the same measure used by a number of large vehicle manufacturers that allows for Engineers to change variables that mimic driving conditions to test for the threshold of efficiency and strength.

CARB Compliant Filters

S&B wants you to have one of their systems on your truck, period. Whether you live in California with high emissions/vehicle regulations, states adopting the CA regulations, or any state other than the two, S&B strives to make every system street legal. This means that despite rigorous testing, a system is granted a CARB sticker and is safe to put on a regulated vehicle. If you live in CA or any emissions regulated state make sure that your system is approved!

With warehouses across the country and also in Canada, S&B almost always has any part in stock at any given time, which only adds to their long list of great selling points. Another point, almost all S&B products are made by S&B themselves here in the United States of America which helps to keep costs at a minimal with accompanying exceptional quality. The tremendous quality is also backed by S&B's Million Mile Limited Warranty when used under typical driving conditions, on the vehicle it is intended for, and also when purchased for an S&B Authorized Dealer.

We offer the entire selection of diesel performance products that S&B Filters manufactures for use with the GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins and Ford Powerstroke trucks. If you are in the market for an affordable cold air intake kit or replacement filter then our lineup of S&B is a great place to start.

The S&B Product Line Overview

Diesel owners demand consistent performance from their trucks. The S&B advantage is not only do they offer a good product to the diesel performance industry it is more affordable than their competitors' products. Secondly, their products have been proven to get the job done. S&B claims their silicone won't crack and has exceptional tear strength. It will handle temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit whereas some of their competitors are using standard urethane rubber which cracks under these same conditions. Furthermore, they claim they get rid of more dirt than any other competitor on the market.

Engine Performance and Protection

The S&B Filters cold air intakes increase cool air to the engines induction system while protecting it from the harmful elements that may damage its turbocharger. Offering complete cold air intake kits with cleanable filters or dry disposable filters, most of the intake filters that come in the kits have optional filter wrap that can be purchased separately. The filters wrap gives an additional layer of protection against the outside dusty elements that may come into contact with the intake system turbocharger causing unnecessary and very expensive repair damages. The filter wraps are easy to clean using soap and water and then allowing for a little time to dry. The Precision Cleaning kits are used to restore the cleanable filters. The diesel filters come in red-colored media gauze. The cleaning kit comes with everything necessary to restore your S&B filter.

Other Popular S&B Products

Another popular product S&B offers is the stock replacement filters. Many come in cleanable and disposable type filter media. For those who want a little better fuel economy with increased induction system protection, the stock replacement filter may be the right choice. Other products offered for an increase in performance are the intake elbows, air scoops, and heater delete all of which help promote more cool air into the engine. The intake elbows and heater delete is made from CNC billet aluminum.

Purpose Driven Diesel Performance

Many diesel owners drive and own a diesel because they have a specific need, purpose, or reason for using their diesel truck and those reasons may vary from anyone of more of the following: recreation use, heavy towing, daily driving, drag racing, sled pulling, mud bogging, or all the above! S&B Filters provide critical ingredients that propel an increase in diesel power and reliable performance allowing for a stronger running, more efficient, and improved operating engine.