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Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks

more information about Transfer Flow Fuel Tank products...

When it comes to aftermarket steel fuel tanks Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks are the best choice standing the test of time. They offer a reliable and durable product backed by almost 35 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, not to mention their 6 year unlimited mile warranty! With a variety of large diesel fuel tanks to replace the factory tank, they also offer the widest variety of auxiliary fuel tanks from In-Bed, Toolbox and Refueling Fuel Tank Combos.

Midship Replacement Fuel Tanks

One of the best investments to increase driving range for your Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax diesel pickup is to buy a larger replacement fuel tank. The Midship tank mounts inside the frame rails replacing the factory tank, comes with all components needed for installation, is fully baffled to reduce fuel slosh, and is made from powder coated black 12 and 14-gauge aluminized steel. No matter whether you are using your truck for everyday use or as a work truck, a tow vehicle or both, not having to stop frequently at the fuel pump makes having a larger capacity fuel tank super convenient and worth the investment. Why not make life a little easier by making fewer stops. We all know getting in and out certain fuel stations across the country can be quite tricky especially if you're not familiar with the area.

Cab Chassis Fuel Tanks

Transfer Flow manufactures auxiliary fuel tank systems for Cab Chassis trucks (commonly known as a work truck without a bed). Similar to the pickup, the Cab Chassis Midship tank mounts inside the frame rails, comes with all components needed for installation, is fully baffled to reduce fuel slosh, and is made from powder coated black 12-gauge aluminized steel. Their fuel tanks serve one of two or both purposes: 1) adds a fuel tank and/or 2) replaces the smaller factory tank with a larger replacement getting more gallons on board. Meaning, if the chassis came with an after axle fuel tank that needs to be removed for wrecker or dump body installation, the Midship tank can be used as the vehicle's fuel source. If you are adding as an auxiliary tank, option 1 above, you will then have two fuel tanks, a Miship tank in addition to the main after axle fuel tank and it will operate with Transfer Flow's TRAX 3 operating system.

The TRAX 3 auxiliary system comes with a dash mounted LCD that shows the percentage of fuel in the main and auxiliary tanks. It automatically transfers fuel from the auxiliary tank to the main tank for you. The LCD also lets you know when the fuel transfer is occurring. During fuel transfer, the message "PUMP ON" will be displayed on the dash mounted LCD. When the system is not transferring fuel, the message, "SYS OK" will be displayed on the LCD. It's that simple and fully automatic! TRAX 3 is available with In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Toolbox and Auxiliary Fuel Tank Combos, and the Ford Cab Chassis Midship Auxiliary Fuel Tanks.

In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Transfer Flow offers a variety of In-Bed Fuel Tanks ranging from 37 to 100 gallons. All are available in 14-gauge aluminized black powder coat steel and 1/8" bright aluminum diamond plate. A newly released option, which has been a popular hit, is the 100 gallon black powder coat aluminum diamond plate tank giving it a fresh customized look. All In-Bed tanks come with the TRAX 3 computer controlled automatic fuel transfer and monitoring system. A considerable fact for those of you with a 5th wheel trailer hitch is that none of the In-Bed Fuel Tanks will interfere with your turning radius.

Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combos

The toolbox fuel tanks is a useful way for you to keep your everyday work tools or toys locked up in a storage container in the bed of your pickup meanwhile having the added convenient of an auxiliary fuel tank, too. The Fuel Tank with Toolbox Combos come in 30, 40, 50 and 70 gallons options, both in black and in diamond plate, has stainless steel locking paddle handles and come with the TRAX 3 operating system.

Toolbox and Refueling Tank Combos

Handle your business with the all-in-one auxiliary fuel tank and storage box. This toolbox tank is computer controlled by the TRAX 3 operating system, available in 30, 40, 50 and 70 gallons, and comes with all components needed for installation. The 30, 40 and 50 gallon toolbox tanks are flush with most pick up bed rails, and shouldn't interfere with standard fifth wheel hitches, while the 70 gallon unit sits on the bed rails and is adjustable to for the depth of the pickup bed. The locking storage compartment will keep your everyday work tools, RV supplies, or hunting equipment safe and secure. The 12-volt refueling pump comes pre-assembled with a 12-foot hose and nozzle, wire harness with dash-mounted power switch and mounting hardware. The Transfer Flow Toolbox and Refueling Tank Combos come with a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Special Permit Number, SP-11911, allowing you to LEGALLY carry gas, diesel, methanol, ethanol, kerosene and aviation fuel.

Refueling Tanks

If your occupation consists of owning a work truck and you're are out in the field working around heavy equipment all day long then this may be the best suited tank for you. Very often, you will see work trucks on a construction site with a refueling tank in the bed of their pickup however, not all are legal to carry fuel. Transfer Flow Refueling Tanks are permitted to legally carry gas, diesel, methanol, ethanol, kerosene and aviation fuel in the bed of your truck. Refueling Tanks are offered in 40, 50, 82 100 and 109 gallons sizes and come with necessary parts for installation. There is also a 50/50 gallon split tank option in case you need to carry two different types of fuel.

Transfer Flow Fuel Tank Parts and Accessories

All Transfer Flow products on our website contain product upgrades and necessary parts listed by the manufacture needed for proper installation. Each products page will describe whether or not a particular part is needed for installation along with the additional accessories. For example, if a fillneck is required for the proper use of a fuel tank then it will be listed in Special Notes section of that products page.

Call us toll free at (888) OC DIESEL. We are happy to answer any questions about replacement fuel tanks for your diesel truck!