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WeatherTech Floor Mats, Truck Liners, Window Shades and Bug Deflectors

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The MudFlaps offered by WeatherTech are a true technological innovation. They are laser measured for a perfect fit, and they work hard to protect your vehicle from dirt and debris. They mount quickly and easily, with no need to remove the tire and no drilling required. By making use of existing holes, WeatherTech's QuickTurn fastening system makes their MudFlaps a wonderful addition to any vehicle.


For drop in bed protection, look no further than TechLiner. They are custom fit to each specific application, and require no drilling or chemical adhesive. They are perfect for anyone who does any amount of hauling, as it provides protection against paint damage in the bed, while its surface helps to prevent cargo from sliding and slipping.


For those that need or desire extra protection from bed damage, UnderLiner is a great solution. They are a thin, somewhat soft liner designed to fit in between a rigid bedliner and the truck bed for additional protection against damage from cargo and from the potential damage of the rigid liner scratching the painted bed.


WeatherTech FloorLiners are laser measured to perfectly fit each specific model and configuration. They are made of a wear resistant material for longevity, a shift resistant surface on the underside that grips the carpet in your vehicle, and a carefully planned se of channels on the surface that flow fluid and debris away from you and into a reservoir that is easily cleaned and emptied.

Cargo Liners

Cargo Liners do the same as FloorLiners, but for your trunk area. Made from the same material with the same technology, Cargo Liners protect your trunk area from spills and wear in the cargo area. These are great for pet owners that travel with their pet, or anyone that routinely carries messy cargo, such as gardeners or construction workers.

Stone and Bug Deflectors

These provide protection against bug smears and scratches or chips from flying debris, while being aerodynamic and low profile, so they look good and don't create drag. No drilling is required for mounting, and they are made from extremely durable acrylics, so they are virtually indestructible.

Hood Protectors

Made from the same materials as the Stone and Bug Deflectors, Hood Protectors do a lot of the same work, but are completely flush mounted to the contours of the vehicles hood. They are a good option for those that want some protection, but don't want to compromise on style.

Side Window Deflectors

Side Window Deflectors are a wonderful addition to any vehicle. They have a sleek design that allows you to have your window cracked and allow in fresh air during conditions such as rain or high wind speeds that might otherwise deter you from doing so. They are made from high grade acrylic and install inside the window channel without the need for any tape or drilling.

Roll Up Bed Covers

Bed Covers provide an excellent means to protect your cargo from elements such as rain, snow, and dirt. WeatherTech's Bed Covers roll up and lock to give you the option to easily keep it out of the way for larger cargo hauls. When open, it sits about one inch above the bed itself, which is good for the aerodynamics of the vehicle and your gas mileage. When used with a locked tailgate, it also provides a layer of security that you don't get with an open bed.

TechShade Sun Shades

For an all-weather temperature solution, get a TechShade system. Available in sets that cover from just the front windshield to both windshields and all side windows, they have the potential to make a drastic difference in vehicle temperature. One side is highly reflective to keep the vehicle cooler in the high summer heat, while the other side is dark and absorbs heat to keep the interior warm in the winter months.

All-Weather Floor Mats

These floor mats are a slightly more universal mat than the FloorLiners. They have deeper ridges to catch larger amounts of water and debris, ridges on the underside to prevent the mats from movement, and are made of a rubber-like material that stays moveable and soft even in extreme temperatures. Some mats are designed to be trimmed to better fit most vehicles. Please ensure your trim measurements are correct before cutting, as they can't be returned after trimming.