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Winches & Recovery Products for Diesel Trucks

A winch is the tool you need as insurance against becoming stuck when you go off-road. If you're the type of person who likes taking trips into the back country, then I'm sure you're more likely than not going to need to be able to traverse large rocks, mud, dirt, debris, snow, and sand. These things are all of the obstacles that stand in your way, and a high quality winch will prevent these things from becoming problems. Winches come in a variety of different types and are designed for many applications; ranging from those suitable for a lightweight ATV all the way to a full size truck! Front Mounted Winches are the typical starting point for the advanced off-road enthusiast or professional off road racer. This is going to allow for a superior line of sight while driving out of a situation.

More on Winches & Recovery Products for Diesel Trucks

A simple way to determine the type of winch that you're looking for is to double the weight of the truck or vehicle. When it comes to winches, bigger is definitely better. The bigger your winch, the less strain will be placed on it, allowing for a longer life of service. The larger capacity winches usually have bigger motors and line spools than their smaller counterparts. A winch can be powered two different ways. The industry standard is the electric winch, which makes use of the power supply inside a vehicle to turn its motor. These winches wind quickly and are simple to install. You can even use a remote control to stand safely away from the vehicle during tricky recoveries. Make sure that your battery can handle the strain of an electric winch prior to installing, as it does draw a lot of battery power from the vehicle. Hydraulic winches, on the other hand, use your vehicle's steering pump in order to wind up the winch's line. Unless your vehicle is broken down, the hydraulic winch can get you out of any imaginable situation. Most winch lines are made of steel due to its incredible strength, ability to withstand the test of time, and abrasion resistant properties when driving around rocks. Steel cables are not all upside, however; they may corrode, fray, or even break! Many of the bodies which preside over off road races require their drivers to only use synthetically constructed winch lines. These are much lighter than their steel counterparts, much stronger, but don't resist abrasions as well and snap when rubbed enough against rocks and dirt.